Shag's Doctor Who Crossword Puzzle #2

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7                      8 
910            11               
  12              13 
15              161718         
2122  23            24
  27    28            29
30        313233   
34                  35           
37                  38         


  1. The 3rd Doctor's yellow car
  2. Lethbridge-Stewart's rank
  3. Companion of 1st Doctor: ______ Taylor; he was a space pilot
  4. The Doctor's favorite candy
  5. Enemy: Race that uses a compression field to shrink and fit inside a hollow human skin, thus impersonating the human
  6. Companion: __ Grant; she stayed with the 3rd Doctor longer than his other assistants
  7. There is a Black one and a White one
  8. Episode: The Doctor ______ (set during WWII London during the blitz)
  9. Crippled mad-scientist who created the Daleks
  10. Recurring enemy race: Emotionless robotic humanoids (plural)
  11. Actors: Tom and Colin (plural)
  12. Enemy: ___ Warriors from Mars
  13. The rulers of the Doctor's homeworld; the Doctor is one
  14. Enemy: Intelligent alien race composed of gases, lived in Victorian-era gas pipes
  15. Enemy: Land-based reptiles, former rulers of the Earth (plural)
  16. Enemy: Extradimensional creatures that appear near temporal paradoxes to sterilize the wound in time
  17. One-trip companion to the 9th Doctor with a hole in his head (literally)
  18. Actor: The 9th Doctor- Christopher _________
  19. The 4th Doctor's was 24-feet long


  1. Actor: The 3rd Doctor- Jon _______
  2. Rose's boyfriend
  3. Companion of 4th Doctor: _____ Sullivan; he was a military medical doctor
  4. Actor: The 7th Doctor- Sylvester _____
  5. 9th Doctors favorite exclamation
  6. Homeworld of the Daleks
  7. Companion of 1st Doctor: _______ Wright; she was a History Teacher
  8. Companion of the 9th Doctor: Captain ____ Harkness; former Time Agent
  9. Enemy: Human who worked for the gigantic slug-like Jagrafess on Satellite 5
  10. The Doctor's Ship
  11. Companion of 1st & 2nd Doctor: _____ Lopez; attractive blond from the swinging 60's remembered for her mini-skirts
  12. Companion of 2nd Doctor: ___ Heriot; she was a genius from the far future and worked on a space station
  13. Actor: The 1st Doctor- William ________
  14. American companion of 5th & 6th Doctor: ____ Brown; she is remembered for her stuttering and flattering outfits
  15. Charged Vacuum Emboitement (abbr)
  16. Robotic dog companion of 4th Doctor: K-____ (spelled out)
  17. Objective of Season 16: The Key __ ____ (two words)
  18. Actor: The 5th Doctor- Peter _______
  19. Companion of 1st Doctor: The Doctor's Granddaughter
  20. Companion of 4th & 5th Doctor: _____ Jovanka; she was an Australian flight attendant
  21. Companion of 4th & 5th Doctor: He wore a gold star for mathematical excellence

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