Bates versus Lord

Nathan BatesSo I’ve been watching the “V” TV series.  Boy does it stink.  I’ve mentioned it here before, but the original mini-series was really good.  “The Final Battle” was okay.  And the regular TV series is almost unwatchable.  However, as I continue to plod my way through the TV series (why, I really don’t remember anymore), I keep coming back to the same thought.


Maxwell LordI’m sure I’m completely wrong, but every time the character of “Nathan Bates” (played by Lane Smith) comes on-screen I think this character must have been the visual basis for “Maxwell Lord” from the Justice League International comic.  The hair, the suits, the cigars, even the jaw line.  Nathan Bates first appeared in October 1984 and Maxwell Lord first appeared in May 1987.  So I guess it’s possible, but I would hope the artist Kevin Maguire had better taste in television than that.

Maybe all corporate-types from the 80’s had this generic look; I don’t really remember.  I just know as I finish watching the “V” TV series that sooner or later Nathan Bates is going to bust out with a, “Bwah-hah-ha”.  That’ll be the clincher.

Crazy … I know.  But that’s me.

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5 Responses to “Bates versus Lord”

  1. Ed Says:

    Yeah. I made the mistake a little over a year ago of renting V: The Series through Netflix. I couldn’t finish every episode it was so horrible. Yet, I look back and wonder how the hell I was able to watch it – and all 80’s TV shows (except for Miami Vice, that was gem) – when I was a kid.
    But, good catch. There IS a striking resemblance. Maybe you can track down the artist’s web site and send him an email asking him if that is who he based his model on.

  2. 44 Says:

    I remember liking V the series. Oddly enough, the only thing i really remember about it was the 2 antiheros, names are long gone, who use MAC10’s all the time. That was way cool.

  3. Michael Bailey Says:

    Maxwell Lord was visually based on Sam Neil from his Omen film.

  4. Shag Says:

    Sam Neil, huh? Interesting… I can see some resemblence. Where did you hear that?


  5. Shag Says:

    44 Says:

    >>i really remember about it was the 2 antiheros, names are long gone, who use MAC10’s all the time. << Ham Tyler and Chris

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