Free Comic Book Day on Saturday!

Be sure to visit your local comic book shop on Saturday – It’s Free Comic Book Day!  What is “Free Comic Book Day” you ask?  Free Comic Book Day is an annual event when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores.  How cool is that!

So stop by your local comic shop on Saturday, pick up something you’ve never read before FOR FREE, and expand your mind.  Click here for a complete list of all the free comics that are being offered in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book DayIf you have any children, be sure to bring them too.  Many of the comics are specifically geared towards getting children interested in comics.  Most comic shops really make an effort to make it family friendly.  My local shop, Cosmic Cat Comics and Games, will have comic artist Billy Penn (of the just published Hot Shot & Mighty Girl graphic novel), Blake Kandzer of Raze, the Star Wars 501st (premier Star Wars costuming group), and the Artdoor Project doors will be on display.  The picture at the right is of my step-son back in 2005 at the Cosmic Cat Free Comic Book Day.  I’ve seen other shops that do face painting for kids and have further comic character appearances.

So be sure to check it out!  For more information, visit the Free Comic Book Day website.

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