We should all buy “The War that Time Forgot”

War that Time ForgotThere is a comic coming out this Wednesday that I’m really looking forward to – it’s called “The War that Time Forgot” #1.  It’s a twelve part mini-series written by Bruce Jones, with art by Al Barrionuevo and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Also, there are going to be some kick-butt covers by folks like Neal Adams, Brian Bolland, Mark Schultz and more.

The reason I think this comic will be so cool is all the characters involved.  It’s like a celebration for old school comic fans (from the 50’s & 60’s), or Who’s Who junkies (from the 80’s) like myself and SGhoul.  This series features many of DC’s non-superhero top characters/settings from the silver age such as Tomahawk (hero of the American Revolutionary War), Firehair (hero of the old west), the Enemy Ace (a World War I German flying Ace), the Viking Prince (historic Viking hero), and Dinosaur Island (a mysterious island inhabited by dinosaurs where many WWII battles were fought). The story takes all these great historic heroes and throws them together on Dinosaur Island for a cool looking adventure.  Sounds awesome!

One way of looking at the fantastic “DC New Frontier” series is to think, “This is what a major company-wide crossover would have looked like if they’d done them back in the silver age”.  If you follow that logic, then “The War that Time Forgot” would be the same type of major company-wide crossover, but featuring the non-superhero historic-characters of the silver age.

The War that Time Forgot ShowcaseIf you have any love for crazy dinosaur versus World War II military action, then I highly recommend the book Showcase Presents “The War that Time Forgot”.  It’s got over 500 pages of dinosaurs battling tanks, airplanes, submarines, soldiers, etc.  It reprints stories from “Star Spangled War Stories” from 1960-1966.  I’ve been reading it and having a blast!  I love me some nutso dinosaur war comics!

So watch for “The War that Time Forgot” #1 on sale on Wednesday.  I think it has the potential to be fantastic!

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  1. Michael Bailey Says:

    Your exitement for this book is infectious but not quite enough to make me want to pick it up.

    Still, liked the whole “New Frontier” as Silver Age crossover thing. I wonder what a company wide crossover would have been like in the sixties.

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