DragonCon Pictures Now Online

Hey gang – Over 400 of my DragonCon 2008 pictures are now online!  You can view them on my Flickr account, “Once Upon a Geek”, in the set labeled “DragonCon 2008″.  Or simply visit the site by clicking here.  You can download these to your computer in a variety of sizes; most go as big as 1280×960.  

Additionally, you can view my pictures at THE UNIQUE GEEK photo gallery.  My pictures at THE UNIQUE GEEK max out at 640×480. In addition to my pictures, there are also about 200 other DragonCon photos from my fellow Unique Geek members. 

Enjoy and feel free to post your favorite or least favorite photos!

Yip Yip


Iron Man - Two Suits

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  1. Shout! Shout! Yip yip yip yip! by Schierer Space Says:

    […] Flickr set. Lesson: Tag your images to generate more traffic! #5: Once Upon A Geek’s DragonCon posting (The yip-yip apparently ranks with IronMan and a rather scantily clad […]

  2. Benzodiazepine Says:

    It’ll be a complete work with Transformer car!

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