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POLL: ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’?

Chuck-Big Bang Theory PollWhich TV show do you prefer, ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’?  It seems to me that there are two camps of geek TV watchers this season.  After talking with a great number of people, I’ve noticed that geeks watch either ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’, but not both.  I realize both airs at the same time, but with DVRs and downloadables (heck, even old fashioned VCRs) it’s very feasible to be a fan of both.

Please take a moment to answer the poll in the right-hand sidebar of this page.  If you are reading this on LiveJournal, Facebook, an RSS feeder, or elsewhere, please visit the main site for my blog, to answer the poll question.  Also, feel free to post comments explaining why you are a fan of one or the other.

If you’ve ever read my blog, then you know I personally prefer ‘Chuck’.  I’ve tried watching ‘Big Bang Theory’, but after seeing the way the geeks act on that show I’m mildly offended.  Using the Social Order Venn Diagram, I feel the characters on ‘Big Bang Theory’ qualify as ‘nerds’ rather than ‘geeks’. I know several ‘normal people’ who watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ and automatically assume that’s what life is like for me and my friends. I then have to explain that those are not my people; we have the social skills.  Regardless, that’s my opinion.  I’m more interested in hearing your opinion.

The presidential election may be over, but here is your chance to vote on something that really doesn’t matter in the universal scheme of things!  Yay!

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “POLL: ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’?

  1. Well since Chuck was not on last Monday, I decided to watch Big Bang Theory while I was rebuilding my netbook with Ubuntu Linux 8.10. I have to say that it was pretty darn funny. I may have to start setting my DVR for both shows now.

  2. I love BBT. It’s a great show that mocks all the things we love so much.

    But, you’re right, they are really supernerds and not geeks.

    In fact, they’re the kind of guys that normal nerds would make fun of…

  3. Yeah, I actually don’t like BBT. sure it’s funny, but it is basically making fun of us. I have talked to non-geeks/nerds who watch it and it gives them the impression that we are all like that.

    Chuck is more of a celebration. While they are poking fun, the Geeks are the heroes. It sometimes shows how we basically run everything 🙂

  4. I watch and like both shows. Chuck is more of a Geek show, and Big Bang Theory is more of a Nerd show, if we’re going by the Queen’s Rules of Labelling Others, but they’re both great.

  5. I watch BBT and have never watched Chuck. I know i would like both but i always liked CBS Monday night programming so i stuck with BBT. Couple that with the fact that i am one of the last humans to not own a DVR, makes watching them both difficult. While i agree that BBT is more Nerd-core than ‘geek’ per se, i still see a lot of the people we all know in BBT. There is the nerd/geek who tries too hard to meet chicks, then ‘normal’ geek/nerd who most can identify with, the nerd/geek form someplace else and then the uber nerd with geek tendencies. Just saying that when the boys on BBT get together and have a LAN gaming party, that i know some of those guys, or when they are excited to stop at the comic shop i know some of those around here too. How about when they have role playing night…anyone around here know folks who do that?

  6. “How about when they have role playing night… anyone around here know folks who do that?”

    Hardly. Who does that anyone? I mean really what person in their thirties still role plays? You have to be all sorts of lonely and sad to…. oh wait. Nevermind. It’s ok, I guess.

    Don’t watch either show as I am busy studying ways to defeat the evil robots that will one day take over the world and exterminate us all as detailed and beautifully told in Terminator the Sarah Conner Chronicles. Go ahead. Try to take out a T1000 with a witty pun. It can’t be done. And another thing – machines aren’t swayed by boobs – even if they are perky and covered in tight fabric that barely makes it past the tv censors… bottom line boobs won’t save you. They may make you deliriously happy but they won’t save you. Fore which is better: Two boobs in the hand or one hand in the bush – holding the detonator to an explosive charge buried in the middle of the street that will destroy a killer robot from the future? I think the answer is clear.

    T.SCC all the way!

  7. Actually, there Wizards of the Coast estimated that at its heyday, there were 4.5 million people playing Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

    That number has been slashed with the release of 4th Edition (and so many online games).

    But at least six people still play Dungeons & Dragons on a regular basis.

    Maybe even seven.

  8. Honestly, I’ve never watched either of them. I hope this means I don’t need to turn in my geek card.

    Currently watching: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Pushing Daisies. And when they come back, Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

  9. I watch BBT purely because it’s the lead-in to the Greatest Show in the History of Television, How I Met Your Mother. The BBT characters are exaggerated but not any more-so than families are exaggerated on “regular” shows. I was ready to dislike it, but the writing is smart, so I like it. I have never seen Chuck, but if they move it so that it leads in to the Greatest Show in the History of Television, I’ll give it a shot.

  10. I love BBT first season, but after a couple of jokes that you are sure there are only three people laughing (that’s include you and the two writers) they dumb it down a little bit for the second season. I still watch (and like it).
    Chuck in the counter-part is better in the second season than the first one. I watch both since the premiers before the writers guild strike.

  11. Wow! My thanks to everyone who voted and commented. We’re up to 71 votes and 11 comments. Y’all have raised some great points here! I’m going to leave voting up through next week. Then I’ll do a recap post.

    Thanks again!

  12. I love BBT, but couldn’t get into Chuck. I have a friend who loves both. Another friend who loves Chuck but not BBT. Oy!

  13. While Chuck to me is mildly interesting, I *LOVE* BBT! It is much like the group of Geeks that I knew and while some of us did grow into Social Skills, some of my friends are still like Sheldon and now, I can truly see the humor of the whole situation! Admittedly, I’m PROUD to be considered a geek or a nerd!

  14. Pretty sure this poll is over, but I’m a huge fan of both. 🙂 They’re both hilarious, fantastic, and make we geeks happy. Haha.
    I like the points that everyone made about Chuck being how we rule the world and BBT just making fun of us (Still, I catch myself in some of the things I find them doing and who doesn’t love the comic book/ scifi references around every corner…. though there’s a little of those in Chuck, it’s plastered all over BBT).
    So my conclusion is that I’m a huge fan of both!

  15. I love both shows. Kirsten said it all. =)
    I adore Chuck and Leonard, which makes sense, since my boyfriend is a combination of the two, who is also a big fan.
    We really hope Chuck somehow gets renewed for another season… I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. =( The worst part of it for us is that because we live in Canada, we don’t affect the viewer numbers by watching. *Growls like Casey*

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