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Watchmen – New Trailer

Freakin’ awesome!!!

If you can’t see the embedded video, please click here.  Or you can watch a really clear version online at Superhero Hype.

6 thoughts on “Watchmen – New Trailer

  1. There is more exposition in this trailer which I think is meant to explain the story to the average movie watcher because the last trailer only spoke to existing fans.

    The tone and cinematography of the movie feels right.

    Hopefully they won’t pull any punches with the story arcs.
    I’m also hoping that the story I heard that the pirate part of the movie will be included on the DVD/BluRay release. You can’t do Watchmen without the pirate storyline.

    Well you can it’s just not as full a story.

  2. Looks good, though I’ve expressed my fears in my Livejournal already, after seeing the first trailer.

    The only new concern I have from this one: Hearing the group referred to explicitly as “The Watchmen” is going to grate as much as hearing people address “Doctor Who” by the title of his show.

  3. I got chills watching it, literally.

    And you have a guy named SHIG that comments??? I thought you had mispelled your own name at first, ha ha!

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