DC Comics Sleep Pants

While I was in Colorado shopping for my new Netbook, I stumbled across these awesome DC Comics Sleep Pants!  I simply had to have them as I can never have too many sleep pants, and I’ll buy just about anything with Aquaman on it.  :)

The art features some great Bronze Age images of DC heroes; Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.  My guess is that it was drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, as he did much of the DC promotional stock art back then (but I’ll let Rob from the Aquaman Shrine correct me if necessary as he’s seems to be an expert on Garcia-Lopez artwork).

DC Comics Sleep Pants

Here is the front and back of the packaging, just in case you go looking for some yourself.  I got mine at Wal-Mart, believe it or not.  Take good look at the image on the right.  See on the top part there is a group shot of characters. What, can’t you see that clearly?  Okay, how about I zoom in for you…

DC Comics Sleep Pants

Here is a zoomed-in look at that group on the package.  Check out all the JLA characters!  How cool is this?!?!  You don’t find something in mainstream stores very often to feature images of Firestorm, Zatanna, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Elongated Man, or Martian Manhunter!  I realize it’s only on the package and not on the pants, but it’s still cool to see the whole Satellite-era JLA.  Especially my man Firestorm! You don’t get to see him in DC stock art very often.

DC Comics Stock Art With Firestorm

And just in case you doubted that I bought these on my vacation in Colorado, here is proof.  You can see the mountains and snow in the background.  You don’t find that laying around here in the flatlands of Florida.  … … Ummm, okay, you got me.  I really can’t explain why I took this photo either.  I think I was just excited about the pants and I thought it looked pretty outside our condo in Colorado.

DC Comics Sleep Pants in Colorado

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10 Responses to “DC Comics Sleep Pants”

  1. Reis O'Brien Says:

    Those are ridiculously, stupidly, absurdly cool!

  2. 44 Says:

    i think you bought them REALLY for 2 reasons. First: The pants themselves have Aquaman. No Aquaman on the trousers, no buy. Second: They had Firestorm on the packaging. I see it like this…you saw them, and like a chick at a high school dance you both make eye contact. You see that as a sign to approach and you do. You see that they have Aquaman on them, this is like the high school chick slow dancing and kissing you. Then the Firestorm on the package finalizes everything you needed to justify the buy…and the high school chick has basically agreed to let you drive her home with a detour through Tom Browne Park (wink wink)

  3. Holly Says:

    So do you get much action wearing those pants? Hee hee!

  4. N Stacey Says:

    I wonder if Aquaman wears sleeping pants with Once Upon a Geek & Irredeemable Shag logos all over them.

  5. rob! Says:

    Yep, that’s all JLGL art on them thar pants!

  6. Steve Rogers Says:

    Question though, I can see retro-chic but it is strange seeing the complete Bronze Age JLA team in a new product. I could see the classic 7 of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter in Bronze Era design, but the actual lineup of the era?

    Shag, are you hiding the fact that you were shopping the thrift shops and vintage stores of Colorado? =;)

  7. Steve Rogers Says:

    Uh, never mind I just noticed the current DC logo…


  8. D18Matt Says:

    I had a similar experience with those pants — saw them, fell in love, had to have them. Only, when i went home and put them on, I realized it looked like a drunk clown had vomitted my childhood all over my lower half. They are truly hideous ON. On me, anyway. I gave them to my wife.

  9. Katy Says:

    oh wow..how weird, i actually just happened to be wearing them when i found your blog, i find that quite strange, ment to be eh?
    just kiding, well alrighty then, i thought that this piece of info was interesting enough to be brought up, although im sorry if i wasted your time. :)

  10. Jonny Says:

    I too got this pair of pants in my local walmart, at my home town in kansas. i just had to buy them right when i saw them. i almost said to myself i should get a back up pair just in case mine rip or something, because i didnt know if i would ever see them again.

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