Twitter is Good for Something – Matt Sturges Autograph

Matt Sturges (writer of comics such as Jack of Fables, Shadowpact, House of Mystery, and Blue Beetle) frequently holds contests via Twitter.  He held one a few weeks ago asking people to send him their favorite quote from his Blue Beetle run.  I sent him the quote, “Consider yourselves defeated. And nerds of the Earth, take note — I did it… WITH SCIENCE!”

I was one of the lucky winners!  I received in the mail from Sturges a signed copy of Blue Beetle #36 (the final issue of the series).  See… Twitter is good for something!  Hooray!  And a special thanks to Matt Sturges for holding the contest!

You can follow Matt Sturges on Twitter by clicking here.  If you are interested, click here to follow me on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “Twitter is Good for Something – Matt Sturges Autograph”

  1. 44 Says:

    what the F&$*@ is a godd@&%$^ twitter? Is this some kind of porn site?

  2. Ed Says:

    Pretty freakin’ cool.

  3. Tim_H Says:

    Congratulations! That’s really awesome, I’m gonna have to start following him, and you too I think.

  4. SK Says:

    Congrats on winning a signed copy! Good work.

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