Doctor Who: Trailers for Tennant’s Final Episodes

At the San Diego Comic Con they showed trailers for The Waters of Mars and The End of Time.  The second one isn’t very clear, but it’s the best copy I could find.

The Waters of Mars (later this year)

If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here.


The End of Time (Christmas 2009)

If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here.


Finally, if you just can’t wait for new Doctor Who, then check out the free online short story Blue Moon that was written to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  Click here to read the prologue.

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7 Responses to “Doctor Who: Trailers for Tennant’s Final Episodes”

  1. 44 Says:

    Why? I ask why? Why does your blog focus on crap these days? 44 respectfully asks that you blog something cool again…

  2. Ed Says:

    Wow. I can’t wait. They both look awesome.
    Sorry to see Tennant go though.

  3. Jeff Little Says:

    44, Take a hike.

  4. Shag Says:

    @Jeff – Thanks for sticking up for us Doctor Who fans. Believe it or not, 44 is my old college roommate. While he’s not a Doctor Who fan, he’s not serious with his comments. He’s just kidding around. He’s a great guy and a frequent commenter here. Again, thanks for watching fellow Whovian’s backs.

  5. Stuart Renton Says:

    Yeah. Doctor Who is crap. Blog something else! :P

  6. Stuart Renton Says:

    … OK, so the End of Time trailer was (short) but still exciting.

    Go Donna!!!

  7. Jay Says:

    yes i think that the very beszt doctor who is multiply doctor’s and i have had my own ideas on this for quite sometime now i can come up with a story line but need help in the drawing anyone out there willling to help with this!

    please do contact me at jleslie492@hotmail.com maybe we can get this doctor who continuing comic strip going!

    Thank’s Jay!:

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