Transformers: The Touch by Stan Bush

Do I really need to say anything else?

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6 Responses to “Transformers: The Touch by Stan Bush”

  1. 44 Says:

    um, why was it that this kicks ass again?

  2. Shag Says:

    If you don’t get it, you never will. And you call yourself a child of the 80s. Sad.

  3. Chocotaco Says:

    I think there’s a Transformer-shaped hole in 44’s heart. :(

  4. Onthink Says:

    I love that “Dirk Diggler” sang this in Boogie Nights.

  5. Onthink Says:

    Sorry forgot to add the link…

  6. Dan Says:

    How is it you can not hear a song for years – but as soon as you do still remember every word lol. That reminds me of walking out of the movie theatres after seeing the film and going – they just killed Optimus Prime!!

    Talk about blow your mind moments.

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