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Knight Rider GPS… Turbo Boost Your Directions

You may have already read about this on THE UNIQUE GEEK listserv, but I just had to mention it here. I’m totally obsessed with this stupid Knight Rider GPS!  I don’t own a GPS, I don’t need a GPS, and I don’t particularly want a GPS because I either know where I’m going or I […]


Sometimes a Thursday just needs a little 1980’s cartoon action

Don’t worry, it’s almost Friday.  Sometimes a Thursday just needs a little 1980’s cartoon action… See, now didn’t that cheer you up a bit?  There are very few things that Bravestarr can’t make feel a little better.


Unsung Hero of Our Youth

I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to an unsung hero of 1980’s science fiction and television.  His is a face that we grew up with, but probably never thought much of.  I’m talking about Judson Earney Scott.  Who you ask?  I’m not surprised.  Until I sat down to type this, I didn’t know his name […]


1980’s Cartoon Goodness

This post is inspired by some discussion on THE UNIQUE GEEK listserv as well as a post by my buddy SGhoul on his blog, Oozings from My Head. A few years back, I made a CD of 1980’s cartoon theme songs.  The more I searched for these, the more I realized how much fun cartoons in […]

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