6 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine mash-up

  1. I want to see a Battestar Theme Smurf mash-up.
    I suspect you can take this music, or any similar type music, and string random images together to illicit the same emotion.

    Would be an interesting contest to see who could effectively mash-up the most unrelated shows with this song and still get the same result. 8^)

    Charles in charge/Battestar mash-up.
    Who’s the Boss/Battstar mash-up.
    9021…. nah that’s too easy.

    This was really good and should be noted that most of those images came from the last three seasons, which were the best in the entire series. DS9 really hit its stride then.

  2. I don’t doubt you could do a similar mashup with other series, but part of what is so great about this one is how the shots they chose mirror the shots in the actual BSG credits. Very carefully selected images, shot-for-shot.

  3. I’ll have to check out the BSG credits then. 8^) I haven’t seen the show since the “boxing episode” (yeah, you know the one) and so the visuals have faded in my eye.

    Selecting the specific shots to match the BSG is indeed really cool and labor intensive. Some fans must have both a lot of time and some kicking video editing systems at home. 8^)
    Thanks for the extra info on the mashup.

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