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This is Shag's Doctor Who page where wacky hijinks ensue! Here's the scoop. I've been a Doctor Who fan for almost twenty-five years. Admittedly, that can be taken as good or bad. I've seen many good Doctor Who web pages out there, but none exactly as I would have done them. Well, now that I'm actually doing one - I have no idea what to put on it. Until I can think of something better to do, I've put a bunch of downloadable files that can be used to customize your Desktop with a Doctor Who flavor. I've also put a few fun Doctor Who related things I've come up with. Finally, I've added some cool links for Doctor Who fans.

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Wallpaper: There are a bazillion different Doctor Who images you can use for your desktop. There are also a bazillion different webpages featuring these great images. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel here. Therefore, I've only provided a few wallpapers myself. In the links section below, there are listed several great sites for you to find Doctor Who wallpapers.

  • The Ten Doctors (157 KB) is a composite JPEG image of all ten of the Doctors.
  • TARDIS (249 KB) is a neat JPEG image of the TARDIS in flight heading towards Earth.
  • UNIT (221 KB) is a fantastic JPEG image of some of the Doctors greatest supporting cast.
  • LEGO Who 1 (47 KB) is a fun JPEG of LEGO versions of Tom Baker, a Cyberman, and Ace.
  • LEGO Who 2 (51 KB) is a fun JPEG of LEGO versions of Sylvester McCoy, the Master, and Paul McGann

Sounds: Here are several Wave files for you to customize the sounds on your computer. I've named the files to match Windows "Sound Event" titles. For some sound events, I've provided multiple files for you to choose from. Right-click over the link and choose "Save Target As", then select a location on your computer to save the file.

Cursors for your mouse:

  • Cursors (29 KB) is a zip file with fifteen different cursors for your computer. There's a Sonic Screwdriver or a TARDIS Key for your pointer. There are two kinds of animated Timerotors, Davros, or K-9 firing for your Working cursors; and for your Busy cursor there is an animated Dalek firing, two kinds of TARDIS, or a Timerotor. There is also a Cyberman for your Unavailable cursor. Finally, there is a set of TARDIS-morphing Resize cursors (horizontal, vertical, and both diagonals).

Icon for your desktop:

  • Icons (31 KB) is a zip file with twenty-two different icons for your desktop. The icons range from snapshots of the Doctors to images of Doctor Who villains and technology.

Fonts for your computer:

  • Dalek is a full font based on the lettering used in the Dalek Book of 1964 and in the Daleks strip in TV21 comic. It was designed by Keith Bates and can also be found at K-type.

  • Doctor Who 2006 font is a great dingbat-based font featuring pictures of all the Doctor's regenerations, sidekicks, and monsters including Daleks, Cybermen and the Master. This font is hosted by and can also be found on the website of the author, 24hourbauer.


Crossword Puzzles: Here are a couple interactive Doctor Who Crossword Puzzles I put together using the free software EclipseCrossword.  

If you manage to get all the answers correct or have some feedback on the crossword puzzles, drop me a line at

Shag's Doctor Who Random Adventure Generator

Doctor Who Collectible Trading Card Game
Back in 1996 when the collectible trading card game (CCG) market exploded, a company called MMG published a Doctor Who card game. The game involved each player building a deck of cards from their collection and playing that deck against each other. The object of the game was to eliminate the other player's "lives" before they could do the same. This would be accomplished by using various categories of cards for attacking and defending.

The game mechanics were interesting as compared to other CCGs, but not very practical. Playing was enjoyable if you were a die-hard Doctor Who fan, but beyond that the rules were somewhat cumbersome. There are a handful of us that enjoyed the game, and even made our own custom cards. You can see the custom cards I created below.


  • Outpost Gallifrey is the single best source for Doctor Who news on the web. Everyone defers to this website. It's the CNN of Doctor Who information. It is also easy to remember when you are away from your bookmarked favorites,

  • The official BBC Doctor Who website has lots of great stuff for the new and classic series, including images and sounds for your desktop! In a very clever promotional move, the BBC created a few "fake" websites that directly tied into the episodes of the new series. These websites appeared on the net just as the relevant episodes aired. So immediately after watching the episode, you could find these sites online.

      Who is Doctor Who? This is based upon the website that appeared in the episode "Rose". In the episode, this website was maintained by a character named Clive until he was killed. After that, Rose's boyfriend Mickey took up running the site.

      U.N.I.T. - This is based upon the website that appeared in the episode "World War Three". This is the military site Mickey used to launch the missile at 10 Downing Street. Yes, the password the Doctor gave of "buffalo" works. Try it.

      Geocomtex - This website was created as a nod to Henry van Statten's company in the episode "Dalek".

      Bad Wolf - This website was created to speculate on the Bad Wolf phenomenon in the new series of Doctor Who. The site didn't appear in an episode, but did a good job of documenting the "Bad Wolf" references.

      British Rocket Group (Guinevere One Project) - This is based upon the website that appeared in the episode, "The Christmas Invasion".

    • Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Adventures - A new Doctor Who audio adventure, starring one of the original actors to play the Doctor on television, is released by Big Finish Productions every month. In addition to the monthly releases, Big Finish also releases a second line of 'spin-off' plays featuring popular characters and monsters from Doctor Who in their own self-contained mini-series. These stories are fantastic and I'm an avid listener of them.

    • Doctor Who Magazine is currently published by Panini Comics. It was first published back in 1979 as a weekly magazine. It's gone through many regenerations, but it is definitely the premier Doctor Who periodical. You have to dig for it on Panini's website, but they list information on the current issue. You can purchase the magazine in the U.S. from many online distributors or your local comic book stores. It's definitely worth it. Check it out!

    • The Unique Geek is the online community for you! The site features geek-related news, offers a forum to discuss all things geek, and even has a weekly podcast which brings you some of the finest in geek conversation. Frequent topics include pop culture, comics, movies, technology, and anything geek. Doctor Who is a popular subject at The Unique Geek, so check it out!

    • Who North America - If you live in the United States and wish to purchase any Doctor Who merchandise, I highly recommend this dealer. I've worked with them on a regular basis for years. Very reliable and outstanding customer service.

    • The Doctor Who Web Guide is the most comprehensive guide to Doctor Who websites. It's broken into categories and well done. Most other Doctor Who link sites defer to this one.

    • The Nitro Nine Doctor Who site has been around a very long time. It's primarily a text-based site with a tremendous amount of information and links. Tons to keep you busy for hours.

    • The Doctor Who Reference Guide - An ambitious project to map the continuity of every Doctor Who televised adventure, novel, and audio play. Features very detailed recaps of each story.

    • The Universal Databank by Jean-Marc Lofficier was a wonderful Doctor Who encyclopedia-like book that was published several years ago. Now Jean-Marc has published the book on-line! Check out this excellent reference tool for the classic series.

    • The Doctor Who Wav Archive contains nearly 2,000 sound clips spanning the entire history of the classic series. Many of these are great for customizing your computer sounds.

    • The Doctor Who Image Archive contains tons of image files from the classic and new series. Many of these would be great for customizing your desktop.

    • American Who, part of Sci-Fi Overdrive, is an internet audio news magazine covering the latest activities of Doctor Who. Well worth a listen.

    • Podshock is a ongoing podcast created by The Gallifreyan Embassy, a Doctor Who fan organization founded in 1985 originally serving the Long Island, New York area. They now offer an interactive web site that celebrates Doctor Who past, present, and future as well as other British science fiction and fantasy.

    • Podcast Who is another podcast dedicated to Doctor Who. They cover earliest shows up to the adventures of the Tenth Doctor.

    • The TARDIS Library has instructions on how to build your own TARDIS. Well, build your own Police Box at least.

    • Unauthorized Doctor Who CCG is home to a new fan-made Doctor Who Collectible Card Game.  It's not related to the MMG card game and uses images pulled from the new DVD editions of the episodes. It looks great!  Definitely worth checking out! Also, click here for the Yahoo group dedicated to this unauthorized Doctor Who CCG.

    • One of the more bizarre sites on the internet is Mr. T versus Everything. Be sure to check out the two Mr. T versus the Cybermen stories (I'm serious!).
    First Mr. T versus the Cybermen site.
    Second Mr. T versus the Cybermen site.

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    All photographs and related images for Doctor Who, The Dalek And The Cyberman are trade marks of the B.B.C. These and other characters appear in the B.B.C. Television Series Doctor Who. The Lego-who people appeared in Doctor Who Magazine and were designed by Chris and Kevin Gregory. I do not claim to have originated any of the images, sounds, icons, cursors, fonts or any other item presented here on this web page. I have only gathered them together in one place. This page is intended to pay homage to the BBC and the creative individuals that make Doctor Who a reality. It is purely non-profit and meant to be enjoyed by all fans of this great show, so please don't sue me.