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Supervillain names

Sadly, these are the kinds of things I find myself thinking about…

If I was a supervillain, I think I would avoid a name based around my arch-nemesis.  It just seems to make sense if you take the time to think about it.  While the name Reverse-Flash is totally bad ass, it hinges completely on the Flash.  I mean sure, it totally sets you up to be someone’s arch-enemy.  But what happens if you bump into Green Lantern?  Do you think he’s going to be intimidated by your name?  It’s not like you’re the Reverse-Green Lantern.  What happens if you succeed in your life long goal of killing the Flash?  What then? You’re now the “Reverse-Dead Guy”.  You’re the “March of Dimes” of the supervillain set (March of Dimes was created to fight Polio; once Polio was eradicated, they had to find a new reason to exist).  Dude, you’re better off sticking with “Professor Zoom”.  Trust me.

Oh yeah, Anti-Monitor, Superman Revenge Squad, and the Hulk Busters?  It wouldn’t hurt if they started shopping around now for a new name.  I’m just sayin’…

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  1. That’s how they rolled in the old days. It’s equally funny when they have “evil” in their name.

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