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Sci-Fi Channel Crossover

In honor of the Doctor Who premier tonight on Sci-Fi, I thought I would post a fun image I put together a few years ago.  Interestingly enough, the gag still works since all three shows are still being shown on Friday nights.


1980’s Cartoon Goodness

This post is inspired by some discussion on THE UNIQUE GEEK listserv as well as a post by my buddy SGhoul on his blog, Oozings from My Head. A few years back, I made a CD of 1980’s cartoon theme songs.  The more I searched for these, the more I realized how much fun cartoons in […]


Bates versus Lord

So I’ve been watching the “V” TV series.  Boy does it stink.  I’ve mentioned it here before, but the original mini-series was really good.  “The Final Battle” was okay.  And the regular TV series is almost unwatchable.  However, as I continue to plod my way through the TV series (why, I really don’t remember anymore), […]


Norman Rockwell “Taxes”

In honor of tax day here in the United States, I thought I would post one of my favorite Norman Rockwell images.  It’s called “Taxes”, sometimes called “Income Taxes” or “Beating the Deadline”.  It was featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on March 17, 1945. I’m a big Norman Rockwell geek, so […]


It’s the age old question…

Red Tornado, Vision, Data, Johnny 5, the T-101, or Marvin the Paranoid Android?  Which android/robot that struggled with human emotions was your favorite? Honorable mention for the Star Wars Droids, Twiki, the Metal Men, Tom Servo & Crow, and Transformers.  They all seem to have emotions, but didn’t really struggle with them. I guess my […]


Dragon*Con – I can’t wait!

Anyone else getting anxious about Dragon*Con this year?  I can’t wait to be immersed in all the geeky goodness.  The celebrities, the pseudo-celebrities, the panels, the costumes, the dealer rooms, staying up late playing games, the crowds (yes, even the crowds can be fun), and just generally being a complete geek for three or four […]


Still… The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

This certainly isn’t new, but I never grow tired of it. It’s good to be reminded of it every once and a while.  CHUCK NORRIS! If you aren’t able to see the embedded player, you can watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.


File under “They’re doing … what?!?!”

Hollywood is finally listening to the viewing audience and giving us exactly what everyone has been clamoring for.  So guess what deserving movie is getting a direct to DVD sequel this year?  Am I thinking of … Batman … Hulk … Indiana Jones … or X-Files?  Need a minute to think it over? Okay, what […]


Podcast Appearance

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a recent episode of The Unique Geek podcast with the rest of the usual gang. It can be found here – The Unique Geek Issue #63.  In this episode we play a very silly game that involves porn.  Piqued your interest, didn’t I? 


“Didn’t You Read My Blog?” The heinous question…

Not exactly a geek-related post, but after all this is my blog … so I think its fair game. Y’know, in recent months one of the most offensive questions I’ve heard is, “Didn’t you read my blog?” Now part of the offensiveness comes from the delivery. Imagine it’s being asked by someone very incredulously and […]

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