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1997 – A surprisingly good year for comics

I was reading an old comic this weekend from 1997, and as I noticed the ads I picked up on something.  There were actually quite a few good comics being published in 1997.  Surprise!  We typically think of the 1990’s as an ugly period in comic publishing history, but after thinking about it, I realized that 1997 was a […]


Unsung Hero of Our Youth

I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to an unsung hero of 1980’s science fiction and television.  His is a face that we grew up with, but probably never thought much of.  I’m talking about Judson Earney Scott.  Who you ask?  I’m not surprised.  Until I sat down to type this, I didn’t know his name […]


Podcast Appearance – Views from the Longbox

  Just a heads-up… I appeared in a recent episode of the Views from the Longbox podcast with my buddy Michael Bailey. This time Mike and I discuss some of our favorite DC comic books of the 1990’s. Mike spoke about Mark Waid’s run on The Flash, while I drooled over James Robinson’s Starman.  Fun stuff. […]


Grant Morrison wants to do what…?!?!

So I think Grant Morrison must either be a complete nut-bar or a genius beyond our understanding. I’d heard that the upcoming “Final Crisis” would have something to do with the former JLA villain Libra.  In preparation for “Final Crisis”, I decided to enter Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum and dig through the archives for Libra’s one […]


WTF, mate?

Hey gang – I’m out of town for work and sick as a dog (sinus infection that won’t quit).  So nothing deep for today.  Enjoy another oldie, but a goodie.  Watch “The End of the World” by clicking here. Have fun!


Countdown to Adventure

I’m writing this particular blog to discuss, the DC comic “Countdown to Adventure”.  However, I feel it necessary to give you my perspective on the main title “Countdown to Final Crisis” first.  So please bear with me… Countdown to Final Crisis I recently put myself through “Countdown” hell.  It was an excruciating process, but one I felt […]


Podcast Appearance

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a recent episode of the Views from the Longbox podcast with my buddy Michael Bailey. This time Mike and I discuss some of our favorite Marvel comic books of the 1990’s.  I spoke up for Kurt Busiek’s and Fabian Nicieza’s Thunderbolts, while Mike gave props to Mark Waid’s Captain America. Click here for […]


How do you read “Once Upon a Geek”?

If you are reading this, please take a second to visit my site ( and take the poll in the right-hand sidebar.  I’m just curious how everyone reads my blog.  For example, do you read it on my site, or through LiveJournal, or through an RSS feeder, or some other way I’m not even thinking […]


Justice League Crossword Puzzle

For your Monday enjoyment… a Justice League Crossword Puzzle I put together.  Click here to use this interactive crossword puzzle.  Essentially, I’ve given you a Justice Leaguer’s secret identity and you need to type in their superhero name.  Just a couple details: I removed any spaces or hyphens.  For example “Captain Amazing” would simply be “CaptainAmazing”; or […]


Podcast Appearance

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a recent episode of The Unique Geek podcast with the rest of the usual gang. It can be found here – The Unique Geek Issue #64.  In this episode we discuss Orlando’s MegaCon for 2008.  Oh yeah, we also talk about Lou Ferrigno’s unit.  You were warned.

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