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Kid Who – The Sontaran Experiment

Welcome to the first installment of KID WHO, a new infrequent segment here at Once Upon a Geek!  “Kid Who” features reviews of Doctor Who episodes from the perspective of a child.  These short audio interviews are between myself and my eight-year old step-son.  He has become more and more a fan of Doctor Who and we decided to record some of his thoughts on various episodes.

Please bear with us as we do these segments.  He’s still getting used to being recorded, and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to interview an eight-year old.

The Sontaran ExperimentThe first installment is his review of the classic Tom Baker episode, “The Sontaran Experiment“.  I thought this would be a good classic episode for him to watch, especially after he’d seen the updated Sontarans recently in the current series.  Finally, this episode was only two parts, so it didn’t drag on too much.

Link to download Kid Who below:

Kid Who – The Sontaran Experiment – 2 minutes 4 seconds (486 KB)

We hope you enjoy!  Even if you don’t, we had fun doing it!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Kid Who – The Sontaran Experiment

  1. So cute! It’s amazing how kids don’t follow any conventions and have no agenda – it’s just a stream of consciousness from brain to mouth…

    But at least he liked Tom Baker!

  2. Thanks for the comments! When I launched this segment I wasn’t sure if anyone else would really enjoy it.

    I know my step-son will be happy to hear the feedback. Seriously, thanks for listening.


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