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Doctor WhoI thought a poll might be fun today!  So… who is your favorite actor to play “The Doctor” on Doctor Who?  I’m excluding David Tennant and Tom Baker from the poll because they always top the list of favorites.  This way, I thought you might have to work a littler harder to choose.

Please use the poll in the right-hand sidebar to vote.  If you are reading this blog on LiveJournal, please visit my main site to vote.

I’ve even added an option for people, like Serv, who would rather see Doctor Who die a slow and horrible death.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Poll

  1. Where is the fourth doctor option?

    Are those in order because I don’t know them by name only by face. I remember the fourth one (second from the top on the right) as the only doctor I watched regularly. I saw some of the second guy from the top on the left, but no one else. Which one decorated his clothing with food?

    I don’t think that particular regeneration went well.

  2. Steagus – Thanks for stopping by! Tom Baker was the fourth Doctor (second down on the right). He is universally everyone’s favorite, that’s why there is no option to vote for him in this particular poll.

    The guy who wore celery on his lapel is the third one down on the left (Peter Davison). He is actually my favorite (outside of David Tennant). Paraphrasing David Tennant in regard to Davison, “He was MY Doctor”.


  3. My favorite doctor is the one you have a full view of. I only recognize one other- the one at the very bottom on the left. I only saw one episode of him though, in England with blimps all over and a kid on the roof. I’m getting used to the newest doctor.

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