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Favorite Flash Covers

FLASH WEEK continues here at ONCE UPON A GEEK…

Today we’re talking about my Flash collecting and spotlighting some of my favorite covers.

As I mentioned on Monday, I didn’t start collecting the Flash comic faithfully until 1992 with Mark Waid’s run.  However, I had managed to pick-up several issues here and there prior to 1992.  I always liked the Flash, but for whatever reason the comics didn’t captivate me enough to merit collecting on an ongoing basis.  I was actually surprised when I counted the other day and realized I owned 37 issues of the Barry Allen run of the Flash.  The bulk of my run was from issues 289 – 309; this was primarily because of the Firestorm & Doctor Fate back-up stories in those issues.  Here are a few of my favorite covers from that series.

Death of Iris issue, and it features a guy dressed up as the golden age Sandman on the cover.  Awesome!

Flash 275

Gotta love some Firestorm action!  After appearing as a back-up for several issues, Firestorm actually got to team-up with Flash in this one.

Flash 293

Carmine Infantino is credited with the following cover, but I swear that looks like a Keith Giffen Doctor Fate.  My suspicion is supported by the fact that Keith Giffen drew the Doctor Fate back-up in this issue.

Flash 310

By the way, did I ever tell you that I’m a big Trickster fan?  Love that character!

Trickster Rocks!

I’m also a big Justice League of America collector.  I have nearly every issue from 100 of the original series onward (that’s over 400 comics).  Here are a few of my favorite JLA covers featuring the Flash (I even threw in one JLE cover for good measure).  Going through this recently, I was surprised the Flash wasn’t prominently featured on more JLA covers.

Justice League of America 28

Justice League of America 89

Justice League of America 125

Justice League of America 171

Justice League Europe 14

JLA 50

JLA 102

For Wally’s run of the Flash, I’ve managed to go back and get lots of issues prior to Waid’s run.  Out of the 242 issues published so far, I’m missing 56 issues (some in the 30’s, some in the 50’s, 160’s, 170’s, and 180’s).  Sadly I have to admit that I missed out on the first part of Geoff John’s Flash run.  About the time Mark Waid finished his run, I was looking to cut back on my monthly spending.  I saw a good “jumping off” point with Flash, so I took it.  Obviously I now regret that decision.  I’m in the process of picking up the trades for the early Geoff Johns issues.  Here are some of my favorite covers from Wally’s Flash series.

My all-time favorite Flash cover.  Drawn by the late Michael Turner.  Say what you will about his art, I think this cover is awesome!

Flash 207

A nice creepy cover from Wally’s early days as the Flash.

Another great cover by another fantastic artist taken too soon… Mike Wieringo.  It honestly took me a little while to warm to his style.  But once I “got” his style, I couldn’t get enough.

Flash 94

I’ve always loved the cover above.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t realize until today that this was actually a tribute to an old Barry cover.

Not a lot of good things I can say about Bart’s run as the Flash.  While the series did improve about halfway through, it really doesn’t stand out.  Here is one particular cover that I liked and some Impulse-related covers.

Flash 12

This next one is Bart’s first appearance.  I love how they positioned the word “Kid” just above Flash, especially since he went by Impulse back then.

Flash 92

I chose this next one because it is by Ethan Van Sciver (artist on the upcoming “Flash: Rebirth”), and this was the first issue in a run where Bart started to take his superhero role more seriously.  I think this helped eventually play into him becoming Kid Flash and then Flash.

Impulse 50

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t showcase some Jay Garrick covers that I like.

The following cover is from the last issue of the short-lived, but fantastic, Justice Society of America series in 1992.  Once again, another great artist that was taken before their time… Mike Parobeck.

Justice Society of America 10

Alex Ross is the best thing to happen to comics in the last 20 years.

JSA 78

Gotta respect the oldies…

All-Flash 1

Love me some Jerry Ordway and the 1980s portrayal of the WWII era.

All-Star Squadron 26

The return of Jay’s old enemy called the Rival.

JSA 10

While I don’t own every issue I highlighted here, I do own most of them.  If you can think of any other fantastic Flash covers I missed, feel free to share!

Come back for more Flash action tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “Favorite Flash Covers

  1. those all-flash covers are always so nifty.

    nice collection of images; if/when they make a flash movie i hope dc does a Flash: Cover to Cover hc book!

  2. The Flash used to creep me out when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because he always looked pissed off on the comics covers, but I didn’t like the idea that he could just show up in my room, like, bam! Zoom was even worse with those evil eyes of his. Brrrrrr.

  3. Thanks to everyone for your comments!

    Rob – I would DEFINITELY buy a “Flash: Cover to Cover” book. That would be awesome!

    Erika – Zoom’s eyes creep me out too!

    Bailey – As we’ve discussed before, the 90’s 10-issue JSA series most definitely kicked all the butt.


  4. WOW. These really bring back memories. Kinda wish I hadn’t handed my Flash collection over to my nephew. I recognize a few of those covers. I really treasured them. Do you have a copy of the cover where the Flash is infront of a gravestone, whilst holding some kid and being shot at by a helicopter? It was a kinda Jade color background. I would love to see that one again…

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