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List Week: Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics

List WeekLIST WEEK continues here at ONCE UPON A GEEK!  Today’s list comes from the and is the ‘Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics‘.  My thanks once again to my buddy ‘lessthan12parsecs’ for posting this list to THE UNIQUE GEEK (given how many funny links he posts, I really can’t see how he has time for anything else).

Here is how they describe ‘WTF Moments in Comics’…

It’s Wednesday. You just plopped down twenty (or more) of your hard earned dollars for this week’s crop of comics. You open up this month’s latest issue of your favorite monthly. When all of the sudden… WTF?! That’s right, something happens to make you lose your $#!t. Whether it be a new costume that’s really an alien or the resurrection of a long dead character, comic books have a long history of turning convention on its ear. Sometimes these moments are great; sometimes, not so much. No matter what the results are, the reaction remains the same. What. The. F*ck?

Great idea for an article!  This is a really fun list.  Just a few good ones to watch for include:

  • 43. Fat Evil Scientist Marries Nice Old Lady… GROSS!
  • 38. Johnny Storm Cockblocks, Gets What He Deserves
  • 34. Bucky Lives! Oh, And He’s A Commie Assassin!
  • 30. Publicity Stunt Breaks Batman
  • 29. Hey, Captain America! Nice Rack!
  • 28. Spider-Man’s Ex Gives His Arch Enemy A “Happy Ending”
  • 25. Magneto Strips Wolverine of his Adamantium: But He’s A Hell Of A Dentist
  • 22. Mr. Kirby Goes to DC Comics
  • 16. Sidekick Shoots Arrows and Heroine
  • 11. Joker Paralyzes Batgirl: Just One Bad Day
  • 9. The Death of Supergirl and the Flash: Back When the Word “Crisis” Actually Meant Something
  • 8. The Robin That The Fanboys Killed
  • 4. Superman Fights Ali: Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

Click here to read the ‘Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics’.

On an urelated note, sucks about Michael Crichton dying.  He’ll be missed.

One thought on “List Week: Top 50 WTF Moments in Comics

  1. I’m showing my age, but I remember that stupid Superman vs. Ali cover. I was 8, and even then I had a total WTF moment. I didn’t buy it.

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