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Kid Trek: ‘Space Seed’ and ‘The Wrath of Khan’

Welcome to the first installment of KID TREK, a new infrequent segment here at ONCE UPON A GEEK! “Kid Trek” will be very similar to our “Kid Who” segments. “Kid Trek” will feature reviews of classic or recent Star Trek adventures from the perspective of a child. These short audio interviews are between me and my nine-year old step-son.

He’s beginning to take an interest in Star Trek, which does his step-dad proud.  What spurred us to watch “Space Seed” and “The Wrath of Khan” was my step-son’s purchase of the Star Trek mini-mate figures below – Khan and Kirk from the TOS episode “Space Seed”.  He didn’t know who the characters were, but he thought they looked cool.  After answering several questions for him, I suggested we watch the Khan stories.

You can play the audio file right here on the ONCE UPON A GEEK site with the handy-dandy player below! Running time 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

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4 thoughts on “Kid Trek: ‘Space Seed’ and ‘The Wrath of Khan’

  1. I like it! Please do more of these. (Then you can torture your kid with them when he brings home his first girlfriend in high school ). I have just started watching original series’ episodes with my 7 year old son. We’ve done “Arena” — which he absolutely loved — and “Devil in the Dark” — of which he said, “I guess it had a good idea, but it was kind of boring… too much talking.” Oh, well.

    Which other episodes has your boy enjoyed?

    Train up a geek in the way that he should go….!

    Live Long and Prosper!

  2. My crafty brother fooled me into doing some babysitting for him on Easter day! The ‘little one’ has a doctor’s kit, and likes going to the doctor for her checkup. That little girl will go through each item in the kit and expect it to be used appropriately. She puts out her arm, and I’m supposed to give her a shot. She puts out her knee, and I’m supposed to tap it with the ‘reflex hammer’ (is there a technical name?). She puts out her ear, and I’m supposed to use the ear device to check for obstructions.

    I found one! Dialogue follows:

    Red Niece: “Now the ear.”

    Red Skull: “Ah! There’s something in your ear!”

    Red Skull: “A… terrible thing!”

    Red Skull: “It makes you… DO things… TERRIBLE things…”

    Red Skull: “It was KHAN! He’s mad! I’ve GOT to STOP him!”

    …and that’s what you get when you let the Red Skull watch your kid.

    The rest of her check-up went well. I left the Ceti eel inside, though. It makes Red Niece more controllable.

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