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Marvel/DC JLA/Avengers Artwork by George Perez

Hey gang!  The internet at my house has been out since a bad storm on Sunday.  No internet = no posts.  Sorry for the interruption in service.  I’m doing this during my lunch hour at work.

To tide you over until things return to normal, enjoy this George Perez drawing from his JLA/Avengers work.  This should appeal to both DC and Marvel fans, whether you are an old school or current fan. Click the image to see it full size.  It’s gorgeous!

Marvel/DC JLA/Avengers Crossover by George Perez

4 thoughts on “Marvel/DC JLA/Avengers Artwork by George Perez

  1. I love this piece. And I loved that series! When this image came out we had it at the comic shop (I think it was in Wizard?) and were trying to find all the characters.

  2. Can you ALL say: The NEW Secret Wars?!?!? Or better: The NEW Infinity Gauntlet saga in a 36 issue maxi-series format to raise money, for example, the Make-A-Wish Foundation???

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