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A big THANK YOU to the readers of this blog!  I sincerely appreciate that you take time out of your day to read my ramblings.   I want to make it convenient for you to keep up with ONCE UPON A GEEK.  Therefore, I’ve recently added a couple more ways to get the posts.   Even if you already have a reliable way of getting ONCE UPON A GEEK content, by choosing to “Follow” the blog it helps show your support and spread the word. Your support is always appreciated.


Identify yourself as a “Follower” on the site

On the ONCE UPON A GEEK site, look in the right-hand sidebar towards the bottom and you’ll see an option to “Follow” with Google Friend Connect.  You may use a pre-existing account from Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID to “Follow”.  By choosing to “Follow”, it will list you amongst the followers of ONCE UPON A GEEK.  If you are a Google user, it will also allow you to read ONCE UPON A GEEK content in Blogger under “Blogs I’m Following”.  If you have previously chosen to “Follow” ONCE UPON A GEEK in Blogger (as I know some of you have), I ask that you please click “Follow” on the site.  For some reason, it won’t display people that have already chosen to follow.

I would recommend the “Follow” feature to anyone wishing to show their support of the site, or to anyone who keeps up with blogs through Blogger (a really handy way to keep up with several different blogs).


Follow on Facebook using NetworkedBlogs

If you are a frequent Facebook user, you can follow ONCE UPON A GEEK with the NetworkedBlogs application.  By choosing to “Follow” this way, ONCE UPON A GEEK topics will be posted to your Facebook “Home” page as they are published.  Click here to check out the NetworkedBlogs application.

I would recommend the NetworkedBlogs feature to anyone that is a frequent Facebook user, or to anyone who has a Facebook account and wishes to show their support of the site.


Subscribe on FriendFeed

My FriendFeed account collects the posts from ONCE UPON A GEEK, my Twitter account, and posts from FIRESTORM FAN.  It’s a handy way to keep up with several people’s social media all in one place. To check out my FriendFeed, please click here.



If you’re a LiveJournal user, you can keep up with ONCE UPON A GEEK there.  All posts to the blog are cross-posted to the ONCE UPON A GEEK LiveJournal page.



If you’re a MySpace user, you can keep up with ONCE UPON A GEEK by subscribing to my blog posts.  Visit my profile page by clicking here and then choose to “Subscribe to This Blog”.



As always, you can also subscribe directly to the RSS feed.  This option provides you with the most flexibility as there are numerous ways to get RSS feeds.  Click here for the ONCE UPON A GEEK RSS feed.


I hope at least one of these ways provides you with a convenient way to get this content.  Thanks for reading and thank you for your support!

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