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Star Trek Enterprise Wallpapers

I’m in a Star Trek mood.  Here are some cool wallpapers featuring our favorite Starfleet ships.  I don’t claim ownership of any of these images, they were simply found while surfing.  Click on the images to enlarge.

The original Enterprise, circa TOS.  NCC-1701

The replacement Enterprise, circa Star Trek V.  NCC-1701-A

The first Enterprise in years that was not under the command of James T. Kirk, circa Star Trek: Generations.  NCC-1701-B

The lost Enterprise, circa STNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise“.  NCC-1701-C

The STNG Enterprise, circa the TV series.  NCC-1701-D

The second STNG Enterprise, circa the movies.  NCC-1701-E

The prequel Enterprise, circa the “Enterprise” TV series.  NX-01

The updated “classic” Enterprise, circa the new Star Trek film. NCC-1701

I’m not sure where this image came from, but it’s a gorgeous shot.  At first I thought it was from the new Star Trek film, but the design isn’t quite right.  Regardless, nice ship and breathtaking background.

The Defiant and Deep Space Nine.

Voyager under attack by a Borg cube.

A Borg cube.

The battle of Wolf 359, circa STNG episode “The Best of Both Worlds, Part II

Geek long and prosper.

18 thoughts on “Star Trek Enterprise Wallpapers

  1. Since the new Star Trek movie, our household has been watching the classic movies (2 through 6, skipping 5), TNG and DS9. We are into the final season of TNG and just into the first season of DS9. (Thank you, Netflix)
    My girlfriend’s nephew has really gotten into Star Trek because of the new movie and my guidance of the classic movies and TNG. Also, introducing him to Star Trek: Armada 2 video game on the PC helped a lot also. I will have to show him these wallpapers because he is all into setting up cool wallpapers on his Windows 7 PC that does the automatic change every couple of minutes.
    I think my plan of raising him as a geek is coming to fruition. Bwah, ha, ha. Not only does he love video games, he is into tech and sci-fi.
    Bwah, ha, ha…ha, ha, ha, ha…

  2. I wonder if that unknown version was something they’d considered for the new movie. If so, I wish they’d gone with it; it looks so much better than the one they picked.

  3. Bah, don’t skip 5! 5 has some really great stuff in it.

    I wish I could watch more Star Trek, but my wife (who really liked the new film), still refuses to watch any of the old stuff.

    The first two are my favorites there. Very nice.

  4. I love Star Trek. Love these pictures!. I’ve seen the battle of wolf 359. we failed. one F****** borg cube totally pwned a whole fleet of Federation starships.

  5. I have a comment.
    The image of the ship, (before the defiant) and you do not know where come from, there is something “strange” with it. I put it as a wall paper in my computer, and I swear there are tiny lights that gone on and of.
    Really. I showed to my friends and at the beginning they did not believe me but know they do.

  6. Shaq

    is really hallucinated, I do not Know how to explain, but they appear in deferent parts of the ship. My colleagues of work have seen it too, and not always show up, they are randomly but in certain parts only of the vessel. If my friends would not see it, I would not tell, because hey would believe that I am crazy.
    Well, I am 55 years old, and I have been a Trekie since I was 15.
    Thanks for the photos.

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