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Stretch Armstrong the Werewolf?

Presenting another very special blog entry by my wife, The Irrepressible Gena! Just a little background for you, my wife is not a geek. She’s a wonderful (and gorgeous) normal person.  Without further ado, The Irrepressible Gena’s thoughts on Taylor Lautner’s casting as Stretch Armstrong…

Taylor Lautner as Stretch ArmstrongSince my office upgraded my computer, I noticed when I open Internet Explorer that MSN comes up as my default. I’ve been meaning to change it, but it is not first on the list of my priorities at work. A week ago, I happened to see a reference to Stretch Armstrong on the page. It piqued my interest. I loved my brother’s Stretch Armstrong. Then, I saw the mention of Twilight. Ding! (Imagine light bulb over my head). Yes, I am a Twihard. So, Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob in Twilight is being considered for the role of Stretch Armstrong. Hmmmm….. I can’t see that, but I’ll stay open. I guess Lautner will become a blond for the role and wear cute little blue swim shorts. He definitely has the muscles. (P.S. I am Edward fan).

The first thing I asked my husband was if I could put Lautner in our refrigerator. If you had a Stretch Armstrong, you know what I mean. He was gel inside. My Mom would put him in the frig to keep him in top condition. Of course, I always wanted to cut Stretch open to see what he looked like inside. What color was the gel? Did it smell? My brother and I would test the limits of how far we could stretch “Stretch.” Could we make it from the kitchen sink to the dining room table without Stretch losing his elasticity?

If Stretch Armstrong was invented in this decade, it would have been recalled before it ever hit the shelves. He could stretch so far, you could definitely wrap it around your brother or sister’s head. Talk about a strangulation hazard. If you cut it open, you might be poisoned by the gel inside. I’m sure some organization would have a problem with Stretch’s lack of clothing.

Everyone has fond memories of childhood. My memories definitely include my old buddy, Stretch Armstrong. Good luck Lautner playing a popular action figure from the ’70s adored by children, By the way, does anyone know the color of the gel inside?

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