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Wonder Woman’s New Duds

Last night DC Comics revealed Wonder Woman’s new duds starting in this week’s issue #600.  The new look was designed by Jim Lee.  They’ve kept the lasso, magic bracelets, and tiara, but the long-standing bathing suit is gone.  The new costume also comes with a re-write of her origin by J. Michael Straczynski.  For the full story, click here to visit Newsarama.

Wonder Woman's New Duds

While I’m sure the majority of fans will scream “EPIC FAIL”, I’m actually okay with the redesign.  There are certain elements I’m not terribly fond of, however, the overall design is more realistic for a female superhero.  Additionally, I’m hoping for a live action Wonder Woman feature film sometime in the next few years.  This costume is more likely to be believable on the big screen and taken seriously as compared to the star-spangled bathing suit.  Like I said, I’m probably in the minority.

I’ll be interested to see what the following sites have to say about this new look:

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s New Duds

  1. I like the new look. More realistic and less cartoony. I never understood (aside from the sex) why warrior women are always depicted wearing bikini armor.

    Maybe it’s suppose to be some empowering statement to say women don’t need as much protection as men in battle but really it’s usually because they are hawt and skin has always been in.

    But not on the battlefield.

    Unless that battlefield is love.

  2. I don’t like the jacket. She looks too much like a member of Birds of Prey. I’d rather she have a more mythological look to her.

  3. My wife’s response: “much better”

    I mostly dig it. I am not totally sold on the jacket, as it reminds me too much of the 90s story where Diana was in street clothes and Artemis was wearing the WW costume, but we’ll see how it works I guess.

  4. It’s dumb, but it works for the urban alternate reality tale they are going to tell. I would NOT want to see this for a movie. Not to say they have to do the bikini, but I don’t need modern, realistic or believable when it comes to an Amazon made of magic clay. I want flashy, over the top, and Greek-God-like.

  5. She looks like those moms that try to dress like their teenage daughters!

    If she wants to fit into urban life, perhaps she should step it up like The Hulk did with his Joe Fixit persona.

  6. @Shag – I see your point about setting up for a live-action film, and I really do believe that is what they are trying to do. Troy Brownfield over at Newsarama has a theory about that:

    @Terry – I too would have liked to see a more “mythical” design.

    @Kaiser – As someone so eloquently put it over at G4: “Sure, it’s patently ridiculous to fight crime in a pair of bootie shorts, but so is an invisible jet. Wonder Woman’s loopy charm practically depends on a lack of pants.”

    As for what I think, I’m just really meh about it. I like the bracelets, I like the top. I loathe that stupid, effing choker and the stirrup things on her shoes.

    Perhaps this redesign and the publicity from it will boost the sales that DC claims are so terribly lacking on the Wonder Woman book. I have a theory about that. DC claims they aren’t selling WW books. I claim up until today, she has gotten little to no marketing. Aside from a preview here or there, and last year’s postcard campaign regarding her numbering … CRICKETS. If she’s so effing valued as a part of the Trinity, why does she not get the same amount of heavy-duty marketing as Supes or Bats? That’s how you sell anything, even comic books. I also wonder why JMS was allowed free reign when Gail and Rucka were denied it.

    As for the retcon, reboot, time-shift, whatever you want to call it; why the hell is she being DEPOWERED? THAT bugs me. ALOT. I read what they said … “relate-ability” yada yada ya. Bullshit.

  7. It is hopelessly dated. The Hot Topic choker and the biker chick aesthetic screams “1996.” I immediately thought of Mike Deodato’s ’90s covers! I guess I don’t understand why her outfit has to be “practical” or “modern” when her male counterparts are running around in long underwear. It all boils down to sales and getting the public interested in WW again. And, of course, this will all be undone a year from now.

  8. I agree that it’s a dated look. But we have two choices: to like it nor not.

    I think they could have taken the existing outfit in exciting new directions, but instead, we get something a bit uninspired.

    Still, it’s a change, innit?

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