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Alex Ross Marvel Artwork

Today I felt like spotlighting some of Alex Ross’ gorgeous Marvel work.  Enjoy!

Secret Wars

Alex Ross Secret Wars

Marvel Encyclopedia (click to enlarge)

Alex Ross Marvel Encyclopedia


Alex Ross New Spider-Man

Green Goblin

Alex Ross Green Goblin

Assemble (click to enlarge)

Alex Ross Assemble

Visions: Iron Man

Alex Ross Visions Iron Man

First Avengers

Alex Ross First Avengers

Marvel 1970s (click to enlarge)

Alex Ross Marvel 1970s

Uncanny X-Men #500 (click to enlarge)

Alex Ross Uncanny X-Men #500

New Mutants #1

Alex Ross New Mutants #1

Mighty Marvel Heroes &  Villains – This one is by John Romita Sr and Alex Ross, but I thought it was still worth posting. Gorgeous! (click to enlarge)

Alex Ross and John Romita Sr Mighty Marvel Heroes and Villains

7 thoughts on “Alex Ross Marvel Artwork

  1. Nice selection. I really like the Secret Wars one because it not only has an awesome rendition of Iron Man, but also has Cyclops in my favorite costume of his ever. Is it weird that my favorite costume of his is the absolutely most simple one?

    Ross does Shellhead prooud on these shots. The super high sheen of the armor looks great and is not something you can pull off very easily on the comic book page.

    I have a mug that I use at home all the time which has an Alex Ross painting of the Marvel Silver Age on it. It has all of the original Marvels on there. It’s the top half of this image:

  2. Alex Ross art is impressive. I’ve seen some people say that his work looks static, but I couldn’t disagree more. You can feel the movement in the most dynamic shots.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Luke – That’s my favorite Cyclops costume also. It just works on him.

    CATRsChris – I agree. I sense power and emotion in his pieces. I really like his work.

    Onthink – I hope I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings, but I think real-life folks dressing as superheroes have lost touch with reality. Sadly their efforts don’t typically inspire people, instead it invites ridicule and gives other comic fans a bad name. Just my two cents.

    Thanks again guys!

  4. Shag – You are not hurting my feelings. I’m not the mental midget running around in tights pretending to fight crime. I just though you’d find it interesting. The only vigilantes I approve of appear in fictional works of art.

  5. Onthink – Thanks. I appreciate the link. I always find that type of thing fascinating, but in the same kind of way that people drive by car accidents slowly.

  6. Hi, I would just love to purchase the Mighty marvel heroes and
    villains poster by John Romita SR and Alex Ross.
    Any idea who might have one available for sale?? Jim
    call me if you have one! 415 717 8603

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