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DC Universe Online video game trailer

Check out this amazing trailer!!!  The heroes of DC face seemingly insurmountable odds against threats both physical and mental in this 5 minute CG trailer for DC Universe Online!

If you can’t see the embedded movie above, click here.

This game is set to debut in November. I’m not a video game guy, but this movie-like preview looks amazing!

9 thoughts on “DC Universe Online video game trailer

  1. Man, that trailer kicks ass. I would love to see that movie.
    To be honest, I could care less about the game, even though I am an avid video gamer and a DC fan, only because, I’m assuming, this game will be a MMORPG that will charge a monthly fee. I completely oppose any game that charges me a crap load of money outright ($50+) and then wants to charge me a monthly fee to play it. No offense to the World of Warcraft cultist out there but I think that business model is robbery. Especially when I have tons other kick ass games I can play online for free (Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands, etc.).

  2. Yeah… If it were a stand-alone game, that’d be awesome, probably better than a movie. (I tend to cut adventure games more slack than movies when they leave plot holes, probably because I get more emotionally invested.)

    How would this even work as an MMO? There aren’t an infinite number of heroes in the DCU. Are they going to have multiple instances running at once?

    But the real reason I won’t be playing this, aside from the cost: Green Lantern. He’s always been my favorite superhero, mainly because there’s so much room for creativity in the use of his powers. (Something that’s been lacking from the series lately, unfortunately.) There’s just no way to effectively simulate that in a video game; you’ll just end up with a menu of power expressions to choose from (Shield! Crane! Goofy green fist!).

  3. That said… I’m nobody’s fanboy, but this trailer still made me squeal like a toddler.

  4. Shig, so far as I can tell, the game will be very similar to NCSoft’s enduring City of Heroes MMORPG. Players will be able to interact with DC properties, but not actually play as DC properties. So you won’t be able to play as Green Lantern, or probably even as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. I’ve heard talk from GL fanboys that they expect “missions” where the character you create may be able to go on missions with the Corps or even temporarily get a GL ring, but rumor is that you don’t get to join the Corps as a character creation option. That’s the word on the street in the fanboy gaming community, anyway.

  5. I agree with Ed on the whole pay-to-play game thing, but the trailers almost have me swayed!
    After watching this, it makes me wonder why can’t DC Animation release a whole “movie” done with this sort of computer animation… I’d pay good money to see a whole feature with that sort of quality (animation and voice casting…loved that they used Kevin Conroy as Bats….and the awesome “SHA-ZAAM!!” tone was awe-inspiring as opposed to sounding cheesy when read on the printed page).
    Maybe THAT was the way to make a successful JLA theatrical movie instead of live-action!

  6. I’m looknig forward to this game sucking my time and life away. This game comes out around the same time as Fallout New Vegas, so it’ll be a toss up of my time. I need to win the lottery here soon so I can quit my job and devote my time to my hobbies.

    I plan on creating my own version of Firestorm; if possible, one of my all time favorite DC characters. I wouldn’t mind creating a Green Lantern character, but I doubt they’ll allow you to do that in this game, who knows though.

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