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Marvel Comics’ The Avengers trailer from 1952

Marvel Comics' The Avengers made in 1952 (pre-make)

I figure most people saw this last week as it made it’s rounds on the interwebs.  In case you missed it, here is the trailer to Marvel Comics’ feature film The Avengers made in 1952!

If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here.

My thanks to Ed for directing me to this.  For details on Ivan Guererro’s production of this “pre-make” trailer, click here.

4 thoughts on “Marvel Comics’ The Avengers trailer from 1952

  1. I’m guessing there actually was a Captain America made back then, but I recognized most all of the other characters as being from somewhere else. Still, a pretty cool video.

  2. Let me make a few potshot stabs in the dark…
    Obviously that’s Commander Cody subbing for Iron Man and the Amazing Colossal Man being used as a shirtless Giant Man. The Captain America is from the Republic serial from the forties. Beyond that, I’m guessing that…
    Peter Parker is actually the teen-aged Clark Kent from either the origin episode of the 1950’s Superman TV show, or the rarely seen Superboy pilot intended to spin off from it.
    The Skrull voices are from the 1960’s Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four cartoon; most of the other voices are from the various Marvel Super Heroes cartoons (from Filmation?) made by reproducing panels from actual comics, also from the 1960’s.
    The Thor/Asgard clips are from Fritz Lang’s adaptions of Wagner operas, mostly silent(!) from the 1920’s.
    Dr. Strange was actually Chandu the Magician, a serial which purportedly was one of Stan Lee’s inspirations for Dr. Strange.
    ‘Rick Jones’ could have come from a lot of places, but it reminded me of a B-movie with a title like “Tobor”, about a young boy who controlled a rather clanky-looking robot.
    Was I right about any of those?

  3. Really brilliant. I love how they went all out and “worked in” Dr. Strange, the Hulk, etc. I hope the real movie is half this fun to watch.

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