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Who You Gonna Call this Halloween? My buddy Robby!

This October IDW will release Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Samhain Just Happened?!, written by Peter David with art by Dan Schoening.  Why am I pimping this particular comic you ask?  Well, beside the fact that Ghostbusters are cool, my buddy Robby was used as a cover model for this comic!

Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Samhain Just Happened?! by IDW

The cover artist for this book, Nick Runge, wanted some help from hardcore Ghostbusters fans to base the equipment and faces on.  He really wanted to get the cover as realistic as possible.  Several Ghostbusters fans gathered in full costume to create some photo reference material for the cover artist.  My buddy Robby Fuselier of the Tallahassee Ghostbusters was used for Dr. Peter Venkman’s role.  Austin Young of the Oklahoma City Ghostbusters and GBTV was chosen to portray Dr. Ray Stantz.  While not confirmed, it’s believed that photo reference of Patrick Ewing was the basis for Winston Zeddemore.  Kimberly Balevre portrays Janine Melnitz.  Finally, Patrick Creel of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters portrays Dr. Egon Spengler.  You can read about the entire experience over at the Ghostbusters Fans message board by clicking here.

Robby Fuselier as Dr. Peter Venkman for IDW's Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Samhain Just Happened?!

If you are heading to DragonCon this week, keep your eyes peeled for Robby and his fellow Ghostbusters.  Last year his merry band of Ghostbusters won the DragonCon Hall Costume Contest for Best Movie Group.

Ghostbusters - DragonCon 2009 Winner of Best Movie Group Hall Costume Contest

Be sure to ask your local comic shop to order you a copy of Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Samhain Just Happened?! You may be wondering beyond Robby being on the cover, what makes this comic worth buying?  Here is the promotional solicitation for this special:

When a media mogul seeks out the Ghostbusters to fix his haunted mansion, the guys decline, assuming it’s a Halloween-themed publicity stunt. However, Janine, angry about her pay, takes the job, claiming she knows as much about ghostbusting as the guys do. She’s soon in over her head, and the Ghostbusters have to race against time to save her before she’s yanked over to the other side forever.

Also, it’s written by Peter David, so you know it’s going to be great.  The interior art is by Dan Schoening who is also great (click here for some preview art from this special).  If you ever watched The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, then you know that Samhain is an awesome villain!  Finally, it’s friggin’ Ghostbusters!  You know you love them!  C’mon, order it already!

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