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Green Lantern Trailer

The Green Lantern trailer is finally available! 

Okay, now discuss.

7 thoughts on “Green Lantern Trailer

  1. liquidcross – I don’t mind at all! If I had been thinking when I wrote this post at 2am, I would have provided a link to your outstanding Green Lantern blog – The Indigo Tribe!

    If you’re a Green Lantern fan, you should be reading that blog!!!

  2. No worries. My post hadn’t even gone up yet! (It went up around 8 AM.) So unless you can see the future, and have refused to share your knowledge with the rest of us…no harm done! 🙂

  3. Years ago I sat in front of my TV and watched the Challenge of the Superfriends… And For some reason, I’m still not sure why, I became a huge fan of Green Lantern. I don’t know if it was his costume, his powers (which were kinda vague on the show) or the fact that my friends had decided that Batman and Superman were their favs.

    Anyway 30 some odd years later, the movie I have been dreaming about now has a trailer and I still don’t know how to feel. It has moments that look like they could be great (Kilowog and Sinestro!) and stuff I’m not so sure about (Van Wilder?). I’m going to try and hold off judgment for now, but crossing my fingers this doesn’t go the road that the Spirit took.

  4. Looks ok…GL is a “see on the big screen” pick…

    Cowboys & Aliens looks better 🙂

  5. Thanks Shag. I’ll give the Indigo Tribe a look. I’m with the general consensus, up in the air. I like Reynolds but I’m not sure he’s the right choice for the role. But who am I kidding, I’ll be in line to see this movie anyway.

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