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Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Today marks the 47th anniversary of the airing of the very first Doctor Who episode. It was Saturday, November 23, 1963 at 5:15pm GMT when an unheard of children’s program appeared on BBC television. It featured two school teachers, an oddball student, and a grumpy old man. Humble beginnings!

It’s surprising to me how popular the show is nowadays. The show originally ran from 1963–1989. There was an American-made TV movie in 1996 which didn’t perform well. Then Doctor Who returned to the airwaves as a weekly TV series in 2005. Go back in time six years to 2004 and Doctor Who was still remembered as a joke by most people. Now it’s one of the most popular television shows in the world with two spin-offs. Just crazy!

We’re going to celebrate Doctor Who’s birthday today by watching the trailer to this year’s Christmas special – A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Happy birthday to that lonely old Timelord meandering around the universe in that rickety old Police Box!

My thanks to Ed for directing me to the new trailer!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to Doctor Who

  1. To be fair to the American TV movie I believe it was shown against the Superbowl! That’s right, isn’t it? I haven’t just imagined that bit of Who lore, have I?

  2. This was in May, so it wasn’t the Superbowl. But good memory that another big show took most of the ratings. The big competitor always cited was a dramatic episode of the show “Rosanne”. Typically a comedy, this particular episode featured a lot of drama. It followed a huge cliffhanger where one of the lead characters suffered a heart attack. This particular episode featured him in the hospital fighting for his life. Apparently all of America was holding it’s breath. Well all of America except me. I was busy watching Doctor Who.

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