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Blue Devil Coming to the Justice Society

Blue Devil is coming to the Justice Society!  Hot dog!  Apparently new writer Marc Guggenheim is interested in expanding the team roster.  According to this article on Comic Book Resources, it appears everybody’s favorite “weirdness magnet” is set to the join the team in just a couple weeks with Justice Society of America #46.

Justice Society of America #46

Here is the relevant information:

New heroes begin joining the team with December’s issue #46, which sees the addition of Blue Devil.

Here is the entire paragraph to give the announcement some context:

As the writer himself said, that ultimate vision involves an expanding roster. New heroes begin joining the team with December’s issue #46, which sees the addition of Blue Devil. Guggenheim also teased the return of Mr. America, a character introduced in the title’s very first issue almost exactly four years ago. However, the biggest addition Guggenheim revealed involved “a cameo that will eventually expand” from vigilante and fan-favorite character Manhunter. “I don’t want to spoil everything,” laughed the writer. “I think I’ve already spoiled too much. One of the fun things about reading the book is seeing who is going to turn up in the pages. My hope is that by the end of the first arc, we’ll establish the ‘Justice Society of America’ as a book where anyone can appear and anyone can be a part of the book.”

Here is the full solicitation for the issue:

With Monument Point still down after Scythe’s devastating attack on U.S. soil, looting begins! Enter Collatoral Damage, a new team of villains set to lay claim to the riches yet to be found in the rubble of the once great American city! Luckily, there are new heroes flooding into the JSA’s new hometown to help stabilize and rebuild alongside Earth’s First Super Hero Team!
On Sale December 29, 2010

I can’t wait for this!

Thanks to Dave Tomko for bringing this announcement to my attention.  Thanks, Dave!

3 thoughts on “Blue Devil Coming to the Justice Society

  1. Kind of an interesting choice as the JSA (especially since the relaunch) has primarily been about training a “new generation” and Devil doesn’t relaly fit that motif.

    I’m ambivalent to Manhunter because the only version of Manhunter I ever liked was the one from Kurt Busiek’s awesome Power Company, and I am pretty sure he is dead now.

    I was reading the end of the Nightwing & Flamebird story from Action Comics last night, which featured Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Mr. Terrific, and Dr. Fate in central roles. And I kept thinking, man, I’d like to read about those guys again. So I might have to check out JSA once more.

  2. Busiek’s Kirk DePaul was killed in Andreyko’s Manhunter, as well as Chase Lawler from the ’90s series. I believe crazy Mark Shaw did the deed as Dumas, but I never finished reading the story arc.

    Not into Blue Devil as a JSAer. He seems quite the misfit, and I tend to think of the team as a closed fraternity exclusively for legacies. Rather elitist, but DC needs more super-teams for characters like BD…

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