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Hope you had a great April Fools’ Day!

I hope you enjoyed the April Fools’ Day gag about Judd Winick’s promotion to DC Comics Editor-in-Chief. This bit of fun was brought to you by: Frank – Idol-Head of Diabolu (the Martian Manhunter blog), Atom: The Mighty Might blog, …nurgh…, and Justice League Detroit Dan – It’s a Dan’s World Mike – Fortress of […]


Judd Winick Named DC Comics Editor-in-Chief

Here is something to ruin your day.  DC Comics announced that Judd Winick has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief.  You may recall that back in February Dan DiDio was promoted to Co-Publisher of DC Comics.  Well, this left an opening in the Editor-in-Chief position.  Here is the announcement from the DC Universe: The Source blog: FOR […]

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