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Norman Rockwell Homage by John Byrne

Long-time readers of ONCE UPON A GEEK may recall I’m a big fan of Norman Rockwell.  My good buddy Ravenface recently directed me to a wonderful Norman Rockwell tribute by John Byrne done in 2007.  This is a homage to Rockwell’s famous “Runaway” painting.  Check out the inked work below, and further down is a […]


Happy Thanksgiving To The Geeks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the United States!  For my international readers… sorry, our country is closed today for massive turkey consumption and tryptophan-induced comas.  Come back tomorrow for the craziest shopping day of the year. Continuing my passion for Norman Rockwell… here is his 1943 “Freedom from Want” image representing Thanksgiving. […]


Faces that Made Norman Rockwell Famous

Continuing my passion for Norman Rockwell… Here is a great interview about the models that Norman Rockwell used.  It’s from Growing  My thanks to Katy Widrick for pointing out this interview.     If you can’t watch the embedded video above, click here to watch the video.


Norman Rockwell “Taxes”

In honor of tax day here in the United States, I thought I would post one of my favorite Norman Rockwell images.  It’s called “Taxes”, sometimes called “Income Taxes” or “Beating the Deadline”.  It was featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on March 17, 1945. I’m a big Norman Rockwell geek, so […]

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