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Thank You Scraps!

Folks, I owe a tremendous thanks to my fellow blogger, Scraps!  I was experiencing a problem with my new WordPress theme that I simply couldn’t fix myself.  She offered her assistance and worked through the code with me.  She found the bug and told me exactly how to fix it.  THANK YOU SCRAPS!  You’re my […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lucky the Leprechaun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lucky the Leprechaun! Your curiosity piqued?  Now go check out the webcomic Breakfast of the Gods.  You won’t regret it.


‘Runners’ Comic Book – NOW FREE ONLINE!

Back in July 2008 I praised the trade paperback, Runners: Bad Goods.  Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next chapter.  Unfortunately, due to the publisher restructuring, the second volume was never released.  The good news is the creator/writer/artist, Sean Wang, is now giving it away for free to everyone! Runners will now be available […]

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