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Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Blue Devil action figure has finally hit stores!  A friend of mine was kind enough to help me obtain one since I’m lousy at finding new figures before the collectors snatch them up.  I’m happy to report that this is a really nice looking Blue Devil figure!

Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

If you’re a long time reader of ONCE UPON A GEEK, then you know I’m a big Blue Devil fan.  I’m always excited when the Weirdness Magnet gets a new piece of merchandise.  This time Mattel did their best to capture artist Paris Cullins’ Blue Devil (as seen below).  They did a good job on the face, skin color, trident, and costume.  The only areas I would recommend improvements for are the horns, the belt, and the shoulders.  In fact it seems most DC Universe Classics figures need help with the shoulders.

Blue Devil Who's Who artwork by Paris Cullins

Below you’ll find the packaging for the figure.  Notice it comes with a Blue Devil button.

Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

Below is the backside of the packaging.  It includes Biography and Statistics information on Blue Devil.  Click the image below to enlarge.

Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

Backside of the figure

Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

Close-up of the face

Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

Below you’ll find all the Blue Devil figures produced to date.
(from L to R): Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Blue Devil; Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited Blue Devil; (top) DC Direct History of the DC Universe Series 1 Blue Devil; and (bottom) DC Heroclix Collateral Damage Blue Devil

Blue Devil DC Comics action figures

Be sure to check this space tomorrow for a BIG Blue Devil exclusive.  Seriously, this is gonna blow away the Blue Devil fans!!!

6 thoughts on “Blue Devil DC Universe Classics Action Figure

  1. there are Blue Devil fans? I mean i know you are THE fan, so…did you convert someone or something?

  2. Looks good. I saw some of them at the local Wal-Mart. Did you see the Aquaman/Black Manta WM exclusive. NICE! They also had a couple of other 2 packs. Batman & Robin, Superman Bizarro. Really nice multipack too w/ eclusive Lex Luthor figure.

  3. I’m on the lookout for this one. The LCS has it, but they’re charging $5 over retail. This is my BD! I have the JLU one, and passed on the awful Crisis one, but this is the home run likeness!

  4. Like you, I rarely seem to find anything on the shelves (with only one WalMart in a 50 mile radius and no Targets in the whole state!) but based on the back of the card, my kids and I have some road trips ahead of us this summer to hunt these down…

  5. Big fan of the Blue Demon also. That time when he first appeared had great runs of Green Lantern and Teen Titans and he fit in nicely. I liked the Shadowpact stuff very much also. One of my favorite DC characters. Wish he could have gotten his episode of JLU when that show was on the air.

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