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My Daughter and the Invasion of the Toys

I have a four-year-old daughter.  Let’s call her the Precocious Princess for discussion purposes here.  As many children do, she idolizes her older brother (he’s 10).  She sees him playing with superhero and sci-fi action figures and emulates his behavior.  Recognizing that, I’ve been trying to buy her girl-centric superhero toys.  If she’s going to play with superheroes, I want her to understand that girls can kick butt and save the world also.  I’ve been buying her toys of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Hawkgirl, etc.  There is not a bunch out there, but I’m doing my best to get them in her hands.

She was playing in my home office the other day while I was straightening the house.  I came in to check on her, and these were the toys I found her playing with…

My Daughter's Toys - Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Wonder Girl, and a Dalek

Not exactly the particular combination of characters I was expecting to find!  The heroines on the left are hers and she’d somehow managed to get hold of this 15-year-old Dalek toy I had lying around.  When I walked in the Dalek was in a very animated discussion with the heroines shouting “Exterminate”.  I’m not sure she knows what that means, but she certainly knew the catch phrase.

I guess she’s trying to be like her brother and her daddy.  Makes me proud.  It also demonstrates kid’s natural interest in the Daleks (a phenomenon dating back to 1963).

To hear my four-year-old daughter doing her best Dalek impersonation, play the audio file below.

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If you’re unable to play the file above, you may download it by right-clicking here (17 KB).

13 thoughts on “My Daughter and the Invasion of the Toys

  1. Precocious Princess, Uncle 44 apologizes. I have let you down. I must do better.

    (goes off shaking head muttering about losing another bright young mind to the peril and disaster that is Dr who)

  2. Adorable.
    Uncle Ed, otherwise, is very proud.
    (goes off with big smile on his face muttering, “adorable, just plain adorable” about gaining another bright young mind to the intelligent and ingenious win that is Dr. Who)

  3. That’s an awesome story. I hope thaty my son likes superhero and fantasy and scifi toys when he gets old enough.

    What line are those heroines from? They don’t look familiar to me.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Ed/Serv – LOL!!!

    Luke – The Supergirl and Wonder Girl are from the Infinite Heroes line (about the size of the old school GI Joe figures). The Hawkgirl was something like a Happy Meal toy tie-in with Justice League. And the Dalek was from Dapol, the folks who made the Doctor Who action figures way back in the day before the 2005 relaunch.

    Mom – You are a great mom and a fantastic grandmother!


  5. Ah, okay. I have seen those Infinite Heroes toys but I don’t own any of the girls so I didn’t realize they were quite so skinny. Of course the one I do own is Hawkman so he’s sort of beefy.

    That sound clip is awesome!

  6. That sound clip is awesome. I don’t know squat about Dr. Who, but I’m going to go ahead and vote for the Precocious Princess as Cutest Dalek Ever.

  7. It is hard to find female superheroes for the little ones. My niece just turned three and loves superheroes. There are a ton of male supes for that age, but very few females. I can appreciate that many female superheroes are overly sexualized, but really if you look at the males’ costumes, it is just bodypaint and a belt. There is this whole collection of cool Batman toys for the three year old range, but not a Batgirl among them.

  8. Ha, I totally used to do the same thing with Ron’s old toys. He wasn’t as happy about it, however… 🙁

  9. My daughter was born in 1997 and did EVERYTHING she could to be “Daddy’s Girl”…read comics, played with my action figures with her Barbies, watched Star Wars….her brother finally came along in 2003….as I type this they have bins of action figures out and are doing a great combo of superheroes and “family”….certain figures are the parents and others are the kids….

    Your story and my kids playing now make me hopeful that this mad obsession of ours will continue

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