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Comic Book Themed Wrist Watches

I’ve owned a few comic book related watches over the years.  Most have moved on to the great temporal graveyard in the sky, however, I’ve hung on to a couple worth sharing.

Below is a Fossil watch from 1989 featuring a fantastic drawing of the Joker.  I’m fairly confident the artist was Kyle Baker.  I don’t recall much about obtaining the watch, but I’ve read online that it was apparently limited to 500 pieces.  It was an awesome watch that I wore for many years.  After cracking and replacing the crystal a few times and noticing how banged up the gold had become, I finally retired this watch.

Fossil Joker watch from 1989 - Art by Kyle Baker

Below is a gorgeous Starman watch released in 1997.  The imagery matches the back of Jack Knight’s jacket in the Starman comic series.  I absolutely loved this watch!  The crystal on this watch is beveled and is unfortunately very susceptible to damage.  I replaced a cracked crystal on this watch once, only to crack it again soon after.  I may consider repairing this watch so I can wear it again.

DC Comics Starman watch

Below is the watch I currently wear.  It’s a knock-off I picked up on eBay, but it’s been great.  Very reliable, fits well, and displays the Superman S-Shield in a subdued manner so I can wear this watch to business meetings.

Superman wristwatch

That’s all the comic related watches still in my possession.  Do you have a favorite comic related watch?

5 thoughts on “Comic Book Themed Wrist Watches

  1. I have a Lone Ranger one from Fossil I wear on occasion. Love the Starman watch! I’ll have to look around for one.

  2. Holy shit, that Starman watch is gorgeous! I gotta find me one of those…

    I’ve always considered buying a GL watch, but the official ones are too expensive, and the knockoffs aren’t worth it because they’re such crappy quality.

  3. I have never owned a comic book watch but there are two which I very much lusted after.

    The first was a Fossil with the blue “electric Superman” logo on it. It just looked exceedingly sharp and I was a mark for Electrosuperman anyway.

    The other was a Felix The Cat pocketwatch which had an image of Felx pacing on the face, like he was impatiently waiting for some time to arrive. I nearly bought it but the amount of opportunities one has to wear a pocket watch nowadays turned me away from the purchase.

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