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Fathers and Sons

Okay, I haven’t read any Batman comics regularly in the past few years.  I read Batman: RIP and didn’t care for it.  Even though I’m a HUGE Tim Drake fan, I walked away from Robin once it became Red Robin.  I’d simply had enough of the craziness in the Bat-verse and wasn’t interested in Grant Morrison’s take on it.

Just like every other comic fan, I’m aware of Bruce’s death and subsequent return.  I saw this image online and it caught me completely off-guard.  It brought up so many emotions I didn’t even realize I had for these characters, it was like a sucker-punch to the gut.  Almost makes me want to start collecting Robin again (well… Red Robin at least), regardless of my opinion of the Bat-books in recent years.

Batman & Red Robin - Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake

To read the pages surrounding this touching moment, check out Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Coolness.

9 thoughts on “Fathers and Sons

  1. You echo my own problems with the Batverse. If I only read Batman comics I’d probably be the happiest fan boy on Earth these days, but my tastes aren’t that narrow and blinkered. The flip side is there is simply too much going in the Batman books – across way too many titles in these tough economic times – to keep up. Which is why I’ve walked away as well.

    That said, that is a very emotional picture. Might have dig out the couple of Red Robin trades that are gathering dust on my bookshelves…

  2. Although there is a lot I don’t like about Grant Morison’s run (going back to Batman and Son), I do like that both Bruce and Dick is Batman. It could make for interesting stories, for sure.
    What I really don’t like that they are franchising Batman out though. How long before they all go Az-Bats and cross the line? Then Bruce will be globe trotting to claim the Mantle of the Bat back again.

    I love when Batman is seen as an urban myth, bringing fear into the heart of bad guys. But how much fear can you bring when you have a batman on every corner. They might as well give out toy surprises like happy meals, with every case they solve.

  3. I couldn’t figure out Morrison’s take on Batman, but I will admit to LOVING the direction Red Robin and Batgirl are going in….

  4. I do love that picture. Not sure I’m so thrilled with the whole Batman Corporation idea though. Unless the fate of the world depends on you watching sumo wrestling tournaments from 1998 at 4 in the morning, there’s no reason for multiple ESPN channels. For me the same goes for Batman. There needs to be one.

  5. I loved this scene too. Dick’s not Batman and isn’t that interchangeable. This was one of the best signs in a while DC hadn’t forgotten that.

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