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Ex-cite-ment! Ex-cite-ment!

Tomorrow is the start date for Season 4 of Doctor Who!  I can’t wait!  In honor of the special day, below are two pics showing that even at my age, I still enjoy playing with dolls…

These are the guys you want helping you when you stumble over a Dalek in a dark alley.

The Good Guys

Oh shit!  Who invited these guys for dinner?!?!

The bad guys!



7 thoughts on “Ex-cite-ment! Ex-cite-ment!

  1. Can we also get an apology for season one and two finales?
    I still think the R/C Dalek is the coolest in your collection. Wherever you got that from or whomever gave it to you is the coolest.

  2. I’m okay with the finales to both Season 1 & 2. I think they were pretty good.

    That R/C Dalek is really cool! I love it!

  3. Really? Pretty good, huh?
    You know it pains me to see when you’re wrong. Which means I’m in agony all the time.
    Just kidding.
    Out of all of them, if I had to pick, season two finale (Doomsday) was probably the best finale out of all of the recent three seasons.

  4. Todd – Thanks for the comment. However, I have to question your observation skills. If you haven’t uncovered the level of my Doctor Who fandom before now, then you’ve simply been asleep anytime you’ve been around me for the past six years. 🙂


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