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Doctor Who Classic Action figures

I can’t wait for the new Doctor Who Classic Series wave of action figures! The figures from the current show have been great, but these classic figs really make me feel nostalgic.  They are currently scheduled to be released in August.

Character Options has once again done an outstanding job providing high quality figs that look fantastic.  Even my eight year old step-son thinks the Character Options figures I have are cool and wants to play with them as often as I’ll let him. 

Here are the classic figs for wave one…

Classic Who Figs

Giant RobotEach figure pack comes with a different collectable part of the giant K-1 robot from the fourth Doctor’s first story in 1974. When all eight packs are collected, the giant robot will be complete.  How cool is that?!?!

They are already starting to plan wave two. Possible figures for wave two include: 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy, 8th Doctor, Ice Warrior, Morbius Monster, Mummy with Jar, Tenth Planet Cyberman, Voc Robot, and an extra figure to assemble (like the Giant Robot).

I can’t wait until August!  Yay!

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