New Comment Function

Hey gang – I just wanted to let you know about some new functionality for comments on my blog.  I think this new feature will make comments much easier for users to follow.

The new feature allows someone making a comment to have further comments to that same post e-mailed directly to them.  For example, let’s say you make a derogatory comment on my post about Aquaman.  Instead of having to remember to come back to my site to see if I wrote a scathing comment back, you can just opt to have any further comments e-mailed directly to you.  Very handy!

I believe this will help to foster dialogue back and forth, rather than having to manually check for responses to your comments.  Below is a screen shot showing you where you select to have follow-up comments sent to you via e-mail.

Comment follow-up

If you are running WordPress and are interested in this feature, it’s a plugin called “Subscribe to Comments“.  It hasn’t been tested for WordPress 2.5 yet, but it definitely works on 2.3.1.


7 thoughts on “New Comment Function

  1. >>a derogatory comment on my post about Aquaman<<

    i understand those words, but they don’t make any sense!

  2. Rob – I know what you mean. Who would ever make derogatory statements about the King of the Sea?!?!? Represent!

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