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Thank You Scraps!

Folks, I owe a tremendous thanks to my fellow blogger, Scraps!  I was experiencing a problem with my new WordPress theme that I simply couldn’t fix myself.  She offered her assistance and worked through the code with me.  She found the bug and told me exactly how to fix it.  THANK YOU SCRAPS!  You’re my […]


Once Upon a Geek has regenerated!

An update on some web site administration today.  Some of you may have noticed that ONCE UPON A GEEK looks a little different today.  The changes were cosmetically minor, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t see a difference.  While the changes will seem minor to you, they are tremendous to me!  Ever since I […]


Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 **Big Whoopty-Do**

So I finally broke down and upgraded to WordPress 2.5.  When I first created the “Once Upon a Geek” blog, the current release was 2.3.  I set up the blog using version 2.3, got it just like I wanted it, and then launched “Once Upon a Geek”.  Something like 15 pico-seconds after I launched my […]


New Comment Function

Hey gang – I just wanted to let you know about some new functionality for comments on my blog.  I think this new feature will make comments much easier for users to follow. The new feature allows someone making a comment to have further comments to that same post e-mailed directly to them.  For example, let’s […]

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