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Shag’s Comicatorium (a.k.a. Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum)

I love me some JLA & JSA.  In fact, I’ve been building a DC Direct action figure collection of these two teams for years.  After seeing my buddy Michael Bailey (Views from the Longbox & Fortress of Baileytude) post some pics of his figures, I thought I would take you on a tour of some of mine.  This is by no means all my figures, just some that I have on display.

So follow me weary reader through the door into the back room of the house.  You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of plastic, a dimension of multiple points of articulation, a dimension of facial expressions that look as if the character is constipated. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into … Shag’s Comicatorium (also known as Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum). 


JLA Figures

Notice the classic JLA is on the top shelf, followed by the satellite-era League on the second shelf, and finally the JLI era on the third shelf.  Yes, I’m that geeky.  Also, I hung my cool satellite-era League plate behind the second shelf.


JSA Figures

Notice Johnny Thunder and Mr. Terrific are tiny. These are from the PVC JSA set that came out a number of years ago.  They have not yet made full size action figures of these two characters, so I leave those PVC figures in.  Also, in-between the shelves I hung my cool Mike ParobeckJustice Society of America” mini-poster promoting the series that only lasted 10 issues.  Also in the long shot below, you can see beneath the JSA figures is a framed original drawing of Alan Scott Green Lantern by his creator Marty Nodell.


In this long shot, you can see how the Comicatorium is laid out.  From left to right:

If you are wondering, the term Comicatorium was first coined by Serv and I when we lived together in college.  It was used to describe the dining room that had become the dumping ground for all comic-related items.  That was a great room.

So as you can see above, I’m pretty much a … well … a real freak. But it makes me happy.  Maybe another time I’ll post pictures of all my Doctor Who stuff.  Now that will definitely scare the normal people.

5 thoughts on “Shag’s Comicatorium (a.k.a. Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum)

  1. ah yes…the Mar Court Comicatorium. Please Remember with me: Sweet Iced Tea by the gallon… Your 21st Birthday…The chair of power…Oversleeping through a final exam….H1…”Watcha cooking?” “bread”…”your damn cat ate my pot pie”…The pipe cabinet…Little German stickers…SW RPG w/ Race, Ed, Pat and us…me in handcuffs at the front door with red eyes, a goofy grin, and a cop at the front door…Joan…the dishes…the back yard…the black entertainment center.

  2. Serv – All of those comments bring back such memories! Great times! You were the best roommate ever!

    Rob – The figures are standing through a combination of careful placement and pure force of will. 🙂

  3. Pretty cool…….although you really need the Golden age Supes and Bats added to you JSA section. They “were” listed as honorary members and the DID appear in an adventure with the team in issue #36. Like you I love the JSA and JLA! Cool to see your collection.


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