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Father’s Day… MY DAY!

What a great Father’s Day I had!  My wife made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, I spent the morning playing with the kids, then we all swam in pool for the first time this season, next I got to eat Sonny’s barbeque for lunch, and finally we went to the comic book shop!  What a fun stress-free day!

Father's Day SwagIn addition to some nice typical Father’s Day items, I gotta mention the geek-related swag I received.  I got a cool Marvel t-shirt from Target that I’ve been eyeing lately (see picture to right).  Then I also received two plates that my kids drew for me! You can see the plate on the left was done by two-year old daughter.  She’s currently in her Impressionist period.  Don’t worry, we’re watching her closely to ensure she doesn’t cut off her ear and give it to anyone.  The plate on the right was done by my eight year old step-son.  You can see he’s done a Doctor Who themed plate for me.  This may just be my favorite piece of Doctor Who related merchandise now!  You can clearly make out the 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, K-9, and the remains of a recently-destroyed Dalek!  He got all the colors right, and even drew in the Sonic Screwdriver.  I’m so proud of my budding little geek!

Who is this guy?In regard to the shirt, I love the 1960’s/1970’s era Marvel apparel.  The fake fading makes them look even cooler! However, I gotta ask you (my geek buddies) to help me identify one of the faces on my new shirt.  I recognize everyone except this guy.  Who the funk is he?  He’s not Reed Richards and he’s not Nick Fury.  I’m clueless.  A little help here?

9 thoughts on “Father’s Day… MY DAY!

  1. I guess the gigs up. I have tried to keep my secret identity all these years, but I knew when they put my face on that t-shirt someone would discover who I really was. ONLY the Irredeemable Shag would foil my plans to keep quite all these years. It’s a story for the ages, when I showed up at the studio, with the likes of Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and the others. The problem arose when everyone was asked to get in their “superhero” game face. Well alas, nothing happened. I was laughed at, shunned by everyone else. They wanted the Ghost Rider to fill my spot, but he wasn’t available. After many many calls to superheroes all over, even considering sticking Howard the Duck in that spot, they went ahead and put my mug on the shirt. It is still a joke amongst the others when we gather around the water cooler. Darn you!!! Irredeemable Shag!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry to call you out like that pal. I didn’t realize you were still so sensitive about your years in the Bullpen. Personally, I think they captured your likeness perfectly. I can’t believe I didn’t realize previously that was you. I must have been blind.

    I’m glad they didn’t replace you with Ghost Rider. I will wear my new Father’s Day T-shirt with pride with you stretch across my gut. 🙂


  3. While that image IS taken from that FF cover, I have to wonder if the graphic-artists involved knew who it was.

    On first glimpse (especially, with the hair colored BROWN and not BLACK) that they thought it was WWII-era Sgt. Nick Fury (pre-eyepatch).

    I’d imagine that’s who they THOUGHT it was.


  4. Wow I’ve been looking for the answer to that man’s identity for a year now… all my comic geek friends were stumped. I have worn that shirt and asked strangers… nothing… and now I know.

    Thanks for the post!

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