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Spider-Man, Spider-Man… sing with me now…

In an earlier post I mentioned I had begun the TRUE education of my two-year old daughter.  Well, one of the things children love more than anything is music.  A while back, my wife and I were unfortunate enough to stumble across a couple children’s music CDs. We purchased them for my step-son who really showed little interest.  However, very recently my daughter has decided that these CDs contain tunes that should be played endlessly, sung frequently, and revered by all.

Spider-Man & FriendsThese CDs happens to be “Spider-Man & Friends” and “Spider-Man & Friends 2“.  Let me tell you… when it comes to kid-friendly music, these are some of the most painful songs for an adult to suffer through.  They are saccharine-coated, sickeningly cheerful, and… unfortunately catchy. 

The “Spider-Man & Friends” line of merchandise is aimed primarily at preschool-age children, and the character likenesses have been altered to seem cuter and more kid-friendly.  It’s interesting that they included characters like the Hulk and Wolverine in this kid-friendly line.  There was one Hulk book in this line I recall that talks about how the Hulk is never angry, and his incredible strength comes from his happiness.  Things that make the Hulk happy are puppies and rainbows.  Wow… just wow.  Let’s see Ed Norton pull off this version of the Hulk.  🙂

For your listening enjoyment (and to share my own personal torment), I’ve created a medley of six of the songs on the first CD.  You can listen to them by using the player below.  Just wait until you hear the bits about the Hulk and Wolverine.  Running time 2 minutes 12 seconds.  Enjoy!


So…?  Are your brains slowly oozing out of your ear canal now?  Are you already ordering your copy of the CD yet?


5 thoughts on “Spider-Man, Spider-Man… sing with me now…

  1. As the mother of the child, I know every word. I even sing it at work! When we get in the car, she profoundly demands she wants to hear the Spiderman CD.

  2. I’m just … speechless…

    It’s like Sunday School singalong meets the Tellytubbies meets High School Musical meets – well, Satan!

    Clearly, someone sat down with a Bontempi organ and wrote the lyrics while overdosed on morphine!

    I was sold on “Storm can change the weather…”

    I draw the line at Hulk not sulking. He’s the biggest hissy fit thrower since Mr Angry out of Mystery Men.

  3. It’s pretty painful to suffer through. Thanks for the sympathy.

    I gotta say I love that “Civil War” kiddie comic! Awesome!


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