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Podcast Appearances

Just a heads-up… I’ve been horribly negligent and haven’t mentioned the podcasts I’ve appeared in recently. 

The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek Issue #69 features the usual gang as we discuss the best and worst fathers in the geek world in honor of Father’s Day.





Views from the Longbox

Views from the Longbox Episode 42 and Episode 43 feature Michael and I going head-to-head (or geek-to-geek if you prefer) on various comic book issues.  It’s also the anniversary for Views from the Longbox as it reaches its landmark one year celebration.  Michael was kind enough to invite me to help celebrate the occasion.  In these episodes we do “versus” type discussions about things like: Secret Wars action figures vs. Super Powers action figures; JLA vs. Squadron Supreme; trade paperbacks vs. single issues; Joe Q vs. Dan Didio; and the like.

Be sure to check out these podcasts and the rest of The Unique Geek & Views from the Longbox podcasts.


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