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Action Figure Woes

I’ve been trying to get my hands on two action figures lately. They came out a few months ago from Mattel in their line of DC Universe Classics (Wave 2).  This is the brand of figures that are now carried in stores like Target.  The action figure scuplts are surprisingly good for distribution in regular stores.

Firestorm DC Universe Classics figurePersonally, I’ve been trying to get a Firestorm and Aquaman figure.  You can see images of the figures here – they look great!  Unfortunately, they aren’t available anymore and are selling online for sick amounts of money.  For example, the Aquaman figure is going online for about $30, and that’s before shipping. In regard to the Firestorm figure, after weeks of bidding I actually just won an auction for one.  I mean JUST won.  When I started typing this blog entry, I was still searching for a Firestorm figure.  I happened to find an auction that actually had a somewhat reasonable price.  So I ended up paying $19 after shipping.  See what I mean, sick amounts of money for action figures.  But I gotta say that Firestorm figure looks bad ass.

Part of the reason the prices bother me is that I’m not a “mint in box” kind of collector.  I buy action figures of characters I really like, take them out of the package and display them.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you have probably seen a few entries where I showed off my figures, like here and here.

Aquaman DC Universe Classics figureI’m not sure what I’m going to do about the Aquaman figure.  There is no way I’m going to spend that ludicrous amount of money on a figure, especially since I have lots of other Aquaman figures.  I’ve heard rumors that more of the Wave 2 figures will be released, so I’m going to cross my fingers they release some more Aquadude and the prices come down.

Also in that wave should be a modern-day Firestorm.  I’m looking forward to that figure too.

5 thoughts on “Action Figure Woes

  1. *snicker* You play with dolls. 8^)

    JK’ing I’ll keep an eye out when I’m about town. Sometimes you can find the oddest stuff at stores at 3am.

  2. I’m with you on this. Last Christmas, I went in search of a certain Justice League action figures for my son, and the prices online were just outrageous. The idea is to play with or display the things, not to keep them sealed in boxes to fund your retirement.

  3. Retirement? We get to have a retirement? Sweet!

    I have several figures in boxes but only because I don’t have shelving to display them. Perhaps I’ll take them out and look at them again. Perhaps that will inspire?

  4. Action figures are meant to be played with or displayed. Not locked away inside a plastic coffin! Didn’t you see Toy Story 2?!?!?!?


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